2013 Ornament Club
{OC packets that were published in 2013}
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Part Number: PP#OC-36

Price: $9.00
Santa's Workshop!
Part Number: PP#OC-35

Price: $9.00
Snowman Soup
Part Number: PP#OC-34

Price: $9.00
Angel Sweet Angel...
Part Number: PP#OC-33

Price: $9.00
Keepers of the Light
Part Number: PP#OC-32

Price: $9.00
The Snowy Owls!
Part Number: PP#OC-31

Price: $9.00
Don - The Sailor Snowman!
Part Number: PP#OC-30

Price: $9.00
The Little Princess!
Part Number: PP#OC-29

Price: $9.00
Two Cool Guys!
Part Number: PP#OC-28

Price: $9.00
Home For The Holidays!
Part Number: PP#OC-27

Price: $9.00
Merry Pursemas!
Part Number: PP#OC-26

Price: $9.00
Little Raggedy Anne
Part Number: PP#OC-25

Price: $9.00
The first release from the 2013 Ornament Club; January - Deck the Heels! (One Ornment Surface Included.)