These are Jamie's preferred brush of choice! *We do notwholesale brushes; if you would liketo purchase them for your shop or studio, contact #1-888-JO-SONJA (567-6652) ;
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Part Number: #1370 FB-04

Price: $5.65
Part Number: #1390 OG-1/2

Price: $10.50
Part Number: #1370 FB-08

Price: $7.15

Flat Brush

Part Number: #1375 SWB-3/4

Price: $12.75
Part Number: #1350 RB-6

Price: $6.86
Round Brush
Part Number: #1360 SL-10/0

Price: $5.50
Fine liner.
Part Number: #2030 DRB-10

Price: $9.40
Domed Round Blender