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I am not booking any further seminars for this year (other than previously agreed upon); thank you for understanding. (I just need a little family -and me- time!) I will post here when I begin booking again...(though again, you may see me at seminars previously scheduled). If you would like to come and paint with me here locally, we have the information up now on the site for our summer and autumn seminars.
@ Myrtle Creek, OR: Summer Seminars...Spring & Summer Angels! July 20-22
@ S. CAL, Kreative Klutter! Seminar
( Contact: Debbie Raggains (Sept 7-8)
@ Seattle, NW Decorative Artists Convention: (week of Sept 20th)
@ Myrtle Creek, OR: Autumn Seminars...Fall & Winter Angels! Oct 12-14

@ Las Vegas, NV: Creative Painting Convention ( - February 25th (Special Events/Booths)
@ Long Island, NY: Seminar - May 4th-5th (contact: Denise Polchinski) (Painting Angels! )
@ Myrtle Creek, OR: Summer Seminars - (July, TBA)
@ Portland, OR: Raindrop Mini-Convention - (First week of September)
@ Genesee, NY: Chapter Seminar - Genesee Country Decorative Painters, September 28-29
@ (TBD, OKC, Painting Palooza! TBD)

@ Bologna, Italy: Erika's, Seminar - November 16-19, 2019 (contact: Erika Corazza @ )


@ Las Vegas, Creative Painting Convention: February 24th-29th
@ Ohio, HOOT Chapter Seminar: April 17-18th
@ Myrtle Creek, OR: Summer Seminars (July, TBA)
@ (TBD OKC, Painting Palooza! TBD)

xo, Jamie
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