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2017 Travel Teaching Schedule
Contact@ BTVSeminars@gmail.com
I am not packing my schedule as tight in the future, (also won't be traveling internationally for awhile)...taking a bit of a breather! Thank you for understanding...I will post here any future seminars/conventions that I do.  xo, Jamie

February/MarchLas Vegas Creative Painting Convention, (exhibiting)
April 29, 30South Side Brushes, Chicago
June 10, 11: Southern Maryland Decorative Painters, Maryland
August 4, 5, 6: 2017 SUMMER SEMINARS, Myrtle Creek, OR
Sept 13-17: Portland, OR Raindrop Convention (exhibiting)
October 20, 21, 22: Steph's Folk Art, PA

Travel Teaching/Exhibiting...
(Beginning 2017 - Jamie will be scaling back on travel teaching....taking a bit of a breather, from travel and the convention special events...I'll be back in the swing of things, just need a little family time and me time!)

Ordering JS Sure Touch Brushes for Seminars:
We do not wholesale the brushes; so please place your orders @ Jo Sonja (866-567-6652); www.josonja.com for Jamie's seminars and have them shipped to you in advance of the seminar; (Jamie will travel with brushes to chapter seminars and conventions in the US).

Ordering Surfaces for Seminars: If you wish to use surfaces that Jamie utilizes, please contact: DonL@Valhalla Laser.com (www.ValhallaLaser.com); (donl@valhallalaser.com) ASAP to have the products shipped to you prior to the seminar. If you would like suggestions on alternate surfaces, please contact Jamie...most of the designs can be adapted onto the surface of your choice.
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