Shipping Info (As per New Postal Shipping Prices:)
Just FYI: We can ship a number of packets (and maybe one book) using the USPS Priority Flat Rate Envelope:
US: $5.60USD ; Canada: $19.95USD 
Internationally: $23.95USD
(*Please note that not all countries will have this envelope as an option; if it does not come up as a selection when you are checking out, then your country is not in the list of the approved - as it cannot be traced. You will need to select the most economical box preferred.) 

Please follow our International (includes Canada now) Priority Mailing Rates when ordering. Between the Vines will not be responsible for any shipments that are placed without a tracking number. This means that orders that do not have a tracking number will not be re-shipped at our cost, if your first order does not arrive. Tracking numbers are issued when choosing to ship via Priority Mail (BOX) or Express Mail.

Priority Flat Rate Envelopes vs Priority Mail Box:
In order to be able to obtain a tracking number on your shipment, your shipment MUST be shipped via Priority Mail (BOX) International.  Any other form of shipment (such as Flat Rate Priority Envelopes) do not include a tracking number. We can give you a customs form number but this will just show proof of mailing, it cannot be traced.

There are no refunds on lost or undelivered packages that are shipped without a tracking number.
Our suggestion for you? Combine your order with a friend, so you can share the shipping costs of a trackable package- the global priority box can hold quite a few products. (About 12 books, DVDs, CDs, brushes, pattern packets, etc. you can fit quite a lot of product in it!)

No returns or exchanges on Products:
Please make sure you are not duplicating a book, DVD or pattern packet that you may already have in your collection, before ordering. PLEASE inspect package upon arrival. Any missing items or damages must be reported in a timely manner, 7 days upon receiving order, or no replacements or missing items will be shipped.

ALL ORDERS via this site:
In the case of insufficient postage - we may have need to contact you for additional funds.  
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