Valhalla Laser Visit {} to see all the surfaces for Jamie's designs...
By clicking onto the link you  will open up a pop up window which you can adjust to size to view and still remain on Between the Vines shopping cart.

If you place an order with Valhalla, and also with Between the Vines (on the same date), send us an email to to see if we can save you shipping and if we can we would reimburse you for any overages charged.  We are two separate business operations, (so we do not see the other's orders that come in). So, you must send an email and again, if we can combine them to save any shipping costs, we will certainly try. (This is not an option during a pre-order/book release, just FYI, with the magnitude of orders coming in, it would be nigh on impossible to keep it all thank you for understanding.)  

Happy painting....xo, Jamie

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The Winter Box Add-Ons