First Lady Addie Holloway An amazing wife, mother and woman of God, Addie “Louise” Holloway has been affectionately known for her loving advice, her wise counsel and comical anecdotes for years. She ended her full time career in corporate America to raise her five children and support her husband’s growing ministry. In February of 1987, the Lord told Addie to “speak His words” and she began to share God’s word in bible studies, nursing homes, churches, women’s conferences and wherever the Lord would give a door of utterance. Min. Addie is currently the First Lady and a staff minister at Breath of Life Christian Center, under the direction of her husband, Dr. Sammie Holloway– Pastor & Founder. Minister Addie also blesses countless to women through her organization, Pastor’s Wives Prayer Fellowship, where women of God come together praying for their husbands, their ministries and each other.
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