Pastor Howard Moss Pastor Howard Moss has been a faithful member and leader in the ministry of Breath of Life for over two decades. Serving as the Assistant Pastor of Breath of Life Christian Center, Pastor Moss followed the heartbeat of the ministry, bringing back the bell of holiness, as he proclaimed and taught the word of God with the same passion and charisma as Dr. Holloway. He is a lead instructor for the Life Transformation Institute (LTI), and the Ministerial Advisor for the Breath of Life Ministers Fellowship, a fellowship that mentors and guides bright ministers in the body of Christ, specifically here in our ministry. Pastor Moss flows not only in the anointing of teaching, he is an on-staff counselor for Breath of life, a leader in the music ministry, and he also ministers words of wisdom and knowledge as he ushers the congregation into another level of ministry and worship. Pastor Moss is truly a Pastor of truth and spiritual guidance. He always hearkens to the Spirit of the Lord, providing encouragement through vision and understanding to those whom he is led. Pastor Moss is married to Mrs. Sharon Moss, who volunteers actively in the ministry, and together they have two children.
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