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Bulk Co-Op Solo Ad Package (100 Clicks) Storefront

Bulk Co-Op Solo Ad Package (100 Clicks)

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Price: $30.00 $25.00
Status: Available
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A Special Solo Ad Offer ONLY for
My Top Tier Business Members!


...Results are In and I gained 154 subscribers!!....

All I can say is WoW! Results are In and I gained 154 subscribers!! Thank you so much for that, it's really appreciated.


Wayne Tanner


...154 opt ins... Which ended in a couple of sales!!....

In one solos ads campaign run by Phillip Brewer to promote MTTB Opt In 3 the count was 154 opt ins out of 623 raw clicks. Which ended in a couple of sales. I intend to continue to use the services of Phillip Brewer in running future MTTB Opt Ins. Service was prompt and queries quickly answered.

Nice to work with him.





MTTB Co-op Bulk Solo Ad Mailing

The MTTB Co-op Bulk Solo Ad is designed to simply...

I have a lot of solo ad orders for the MTTB opportunity and that means that I have to setup and schedule several mailings daily just for the MTTB members. So to save myself some work and to save you some money I created the MTTB Co-op Bulk Solo Ad Package.

Here's how it works:

Anyone that orders the MTTB Co-op bulk solo ad will not need to provide any ad swipes since I will write the ads for these mailings. You will only need to provide your MTTB link that you want to promote.

I will take the link that you provide and place it into a rotator script that will evenly distribute the clicks from my bulk co-op mailings to all of the active links within the rotator. I will then create my own ad swipe and send a mailing for the MTTB offer. These co-op bulk mailings will go out as soon as the last mailing stops receiving clicks. So there will always be a mailing going out very soon and one will be already running most of the time.

Any clicks received from these mailings will be highly targeted.

For example let's say that there are 5 MTTB links in the rotator, 3 are for 200 clicks each, 1 is for 100 clicks and 1 is for 150 clicks. Now when I send a Targeted Bulk Co-op mailing I will have the link to the rotator inside the email. As the clicks come in from the email to the rotator they will be distributed equally by the script between the links in the rotator until the ordered amount of clicks are received for each link.

So in the example above, the 1st click would go to the 1st link then the 2nd link gets the next click, then the 3rd link get the next click and so on. When all 5 have received a click then the next click will start back with the 1st link and this will continue until one of the links reaches its purchased click amount.

In our example, the first link to reach its purchased click amount would be the 1 for 100 clicks. Once it has received its 100 clicks then it will stop receiving clicks and the 4 remaining links will continue to receive the clicks in order. The next link to receive all of its purchased clicks would be the 1 for 150 clicks. So at that point it will stop receiving clicks.

Eventually, all of the clicks will be evenly distributed and when a link is no longer active due to having received the purchased click amount, I will remove it from the system and that Bulk Co-op Solo Ad will be completed.

This works very well if you are NOT trying to split-test your offer in any way.

You also Get 
Live Click Action Tracking Stats Included!

So by doing this Bulk Co-op mailing with the use of a rotator script, I can create less mailings and provide MORE solo ad clicks to MTTB members at a discounted cost of just...


...25 Cents Per Click!

Just Click the 'Select Version' button below to choose your package now!


...I spent $45 for a 150 clicks and got a whopping
$1000 return with My Top Tier Business!!...

"I spent $45 for a 150 clicks and got a whopping $1000 return with My Top Tier Business!! A huge return on my investment! I was promoting this very high return program that pays big commission.

It goes to show that Phillip's list has some quality customers who are willing to spend BIG money on IM programs. I am going to be advertising a lot more with you Phillip. Making money online doesn't get much better than this! Thanks for your help! "

Sunil Chopra

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