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    SMART Woodshop Plans (Small Mobile Awesome Rolling Toolbox) Designed for an 8x12 Trailer.

    Paulk ART (Awesome Rolling Toolbox) Plans

    NEW! The Paulk Compact Workbench 3x6 Plans

    The Whole Enchilada Package #5

    Paulk Stand Up Desk Plans

    Package #4 (Total Station, Miter Stand and the Cross Cut Jig)

    Our Best Deal! Package #3 (Total Station, Workbench II, Cross Cut Jig AND the Miter Stand)

    Package #1 (Total Station, Workbench II and the Crosscut Jig

    The Paulk Total Station

    Package #2 (Workbench II, Miter Stand, Crosscut Jig)


    Paulk Workbench II

    Paulk Workbench II Storefront

    Paulk Workbench II

    Price: $10.00
    Status: Available

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    PDF plans for the Paulk Workbench II
    This is our most popular plan. This 4x8 Workbench is a popular size for most any project. Finished it will be 4'W x 8' L x 3'H

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