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Remnant Clicks (100 Clicks) Storefront

Remnant Clicks (100 Clicks)

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Remnant Clicks

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A Special Offer to Help My Valued Customers SAVE Money on Ads!


...That Is the highest rate I have had so far!!....

I have gained 67 subscribers through this solo ad, that's a 67% opt in rate!!! That Is the highest rate I have had so far so thank you. Great stuff.


Wayne Tanner
cbpassive Income


Remnant Solo Ad Clicks

Need clicks but don't have a lot of Cash?

A 'Remnant Solo Ad Click Package' will simply...

Most of the solo ad orders I receive are for business opportunities and MANY of my customers simply want Top Tier/T1 countries only or they purchase a solo package that guarantees 50% or more T1 clicks. In order to send the desired amount of T1 clicks for these orders I have to redirect any traffic that is not from those T1 countries to a different offer.

Previously I have been sending this traffic to offers of my own but I have decided that there's plenty to go around. So to save you some money I have decided to offer these remnant, left-over clicks to my customers at the rock-bottom price of just 20 Cents per click!

Here's how it works:

You don't really get a mailing. This is NOT a solo ad. You simply provide a link to your squeeze page for the opportunity that you want to promote and I will redirect non-T1 clicks to your offer until the purchased amount of clicks has been received. These Remnant Clicks will be worldwide traffic and will NOT contain any Top Tier countries.

You most likely will NOT receive any clicks from: USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland or New Zealand.

However, when I receive an order for Specific countries such as USA only or Canada Only, then you may actually receive some remnant clicks from the other T1 countries that are being redirected. So it is possible but unlikely that you will receive T1 remnant clicks.

Remnant clicks ARE targeted clicks.

Even though your link will not go out in a mailing and will not have any specific ad copy written for it, the clicks received will come from solo ads that were mailed and had creative ad copy written for them. Many of these clicks will be from my buyers list as well!

These clicks will be 'category' or 'niche' targeted meaning that these clicks will only be from 'Make Money Online' opportunities so as long as you are promoting a Biz Opportunity you should get pretty good results from Remnant clicks. I know I have been :)

So these clicks are targeted to a niche which is good but many of them will be directly targeted to your offer just by chance. Here's why...

These clicks will come from mailings for opportunities such as: My Top Tier Business, Pure Leverage, Big Idea Mastermind, Plugin Profit Sites, Empower Network, 5 Figure Day, Easiest System Ever, Auto Recruiting Platform, Operation Quick Money, Six Figure Mentors, Xplocial, Prosperity Formula, Power Lead System, Experience Brain Abundance and more!

So for example: If you are promoting 'My Top Tier Business' and you get some remnant clicks from that offer then it will be directly, highly targeted for your offer. HINT: I mail a lot for MTTB so this is a good way to get some cheap traffic to that one for sure.

The same is true for all of the offers mentioned above and many more. Pretty much any make money online opportunity will get targeted traffic from these remnant clicks.

So WHO can use Remnant Clicks?... (These clicks will work with ANY offer!)

If you are promoting any type of opportunity to make money online then these can work for you. In fact, these can be effective even if you are not promoting a Biz Opp. Here's how...

If you want to send this cheap traffic to your offer but you don't have a biz opp to send them to then you can simply put together a squeeze page that is for a free download or what ever you want.

To get the best results from Non-Biz Opp/MMO offer's you should state at the top of your squeeze page, something like this:

"The offer you were trying to reach is not currently available so you have been redirected here. As a consolation for missing out on the previous opportunity, please accept the free gift below!"

Then of course they will have to optin to your list to get the freebie! This works like a charm. I know because I do it all of the time with this traffic. :)

So by redirecting this remnant world-wide traffic from my mailings I can provide MORE solo ad clicks to MMO offers at a rock-bottom discounted cost of just...


...20 Cents Per Click!


(Your Remnant Solo Ad Clicks will begin within 3 days of completed purchase
and will continue until the purchased amount of clicks have been delivered)

Since Remnant clicks are NOT a solo ad mailing you do not get LIVE tracking Stats

...I spent $45 for a 150 clicks and got a whopping
$1000 return with My Top Tier Business!!...

"I spent $45 for a 150 clicks and got a whopping $1000 return with My Top Tier Business!! A huge return on my investment! I was promoting this very high return program that pays big commission.

It goes to show that Phillip's list has some quality customers who are willing to spend BIG money on IM programs. I am going to be advertising a lot more with you Phillip. Making money online doesn't get much better than this! Thanks for your help! "

Sunil Chopra



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