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2018 12 Daze Bundle
Price $925.00


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Direct from Flying Pig Farm Trainings and Master Classes… A deep and expansive foray into…..

Rhizomatic Perception & Rhizomatic Transformative Processing


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This information is truly transformative and will give you an amazing perspective for how to perceive reality on so many different levels!  


This is not formal NLP or Hypnosis. This is something else.  Much of what you’ll learn you won’t find anywhere else. The feedback I get is this is way beyond the usual stuff, yet it has a clear, learnable structures. This is the most significant material I’ve developed so far! It has truly effected me in the most positive ways.  I hope it will for you too.


What we're offering for this year's 12 Daze of Xmas Bundle is a heaping helping of some of the best I can offer for home study.  Each of the programs below flow into a major training you can do in the comfort of your own home.  There's very little editing so you will get the look, sound and feel of all the spontaneous moments and there are MANY!


Here are the best of 2018 for your conscious and unconscious learning pleasure:

  1. Overdurfian Coaching in Action:  Changing Perspectives Through the Rhizome
  2. Overdurfian Coaching in Action:  Splitting Synesthesias Within the Rhizome
  3. Hypnotically Presenting Master Class:  Cultivating Rhizomatic Perception in Teaching, Training and Life


Free, with each individual program and included in the 12 Daze Bundle, is An Introduction to the Rhizome audio to provide you with valuable background information more fully grasp the rich potential this material offers. It's taken me about a year and a half to consolidate this into a succinct and usable explanation. : ) 


Each of the three programs includes comprehensive teaching, and full-out demonstrations of the principles and processes put into action.  Together they flow into a major training you can experience in the comfort of your own home. There is very little editing so you really get the look, sound, and feel of all the spontaneous and transformative moments - and there are MANY!  And there are LOTS of cool bonuses, so check them all out!


We’re offering each part as individual individual programs or a very specially priced bundle which is $350 off regular pricing,

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