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The Practical Practitioner
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The Practical Practitioner"

Basic Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching

The New Alchemy of HNLP and NLP " Processes-with a twist!

Earlier this year, I re-chunked a Practitioner training, geared it specifically to coaching and personal growth.  I was asked by a highly respected colleague to teach just what I use frequently that would still fit the category of a Practitioner Training. It was like a puzzle to take 36 years of therapy, training and coaching experience, find the best pieces, and put them together the best I could in an 8 day format. It's not like any Practitioner Training you've experienced- unless you did this one! 


This program will equip you with Practical, Real World Applications integrated in an easy-to-use model.


Regardless of your level of expertise, this training will provide you with a concise, nuanced presentation of this material, loaded with demos working with some very challenging issues as well as informal demos happening in every practically every teaching segment..and I’ve been told, it’s downright entertaining and provocative as well. You’ll hear all the spontaneity and energy how important that is in a training like this.


If you are a Trainer, there is lots here you can glean and model to integrate into your own teaching.   I’m pretty sure, just the pre-course preparation segments alone will be valuable and insightful, but more so just how the training is facilitated.  I like to create space for people to truly be themselves to transform in their own way while teaching the required content.  You’ll hear it happening. There is considerable, behind-the-scenes process level interventions as well as unique sequencing of unique exercises. 


I've added many new exercises and processes that take this well beyond a typical Practitioner Training. Got to, All We Are is Changing, right?  So while there are obvious threads of NLP, I'd be hard pressed to say I teach NLP in a strict way anymore, after all a lot of years have passed since the co-founders started this thread!   So expect lots of expansion of what you may already know.  In many ways it is completely streamlined, but in other ways far more complex than what I've taught in NLP Practitioner Trainings in the past. You'll find it to be VERY practical.  No BS, no theory that is not directly related to how you use the processes in the real world.  


Extra Bonus:  Pre-course Preparation Downloads


Because this was an eight day training, with a lot of newer information, I wanted to cover some of the classic content amenable to home study as part of a three week run-up to the live training.  For, example, I chose content- heavy segments like the Meta Model and Milton Model, so that I could go beyond these in the live training.  I wanted students to have a strong foundation of the basics on linguistic side, to which they could come back for multiple listenings as they build their skill-sets well after the live training was complete.


Each of these preparation downloads included inductions to create the optimal state of learning of the information, using binaural beats to help stabilize a relaxed alert state which would be revivified in the live training.


The preparation downloads included both video demos and additional commentary, teaching and inductions:


Practical Practitioner Preparation 1 


Video Demo of Eye Accessing Cues with very unique intervention

Study Handouts

Hypnotic Loop  Double Induction for home study:  “The Coaching Loop”


Practical Practitioner Preparation 2


Meta Pattern of All NLP Patterns

The Meta Model Abridged

Video Demo of Meta Model

Study Handouts

Hypnotic Loop  Double Induction for home study:  “The Learning Loop”


Practical Practitioner Preparation Prep 3


Milton Model Part 1

Milton  Model Part 2

Study Handouts

Hypnotic Loop  Double Induction for home study:  “Integrated Learning and Coaching Loop”


…And all this before you get to the live training!  I’m pretty sure you’ll find all the information to be presented in a novel way with extensive use of hypnotic principles, hypnotic suggestion, binaural beats and other techniques to stimulate unconscious associations to deepen learning.


Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn in the “live” training:


Key principles from Neuro-science with update and modify the use of Classic NLP Patterns.


Eye Accessing Cues --a full explanation with nuances rarely mentioned.


Strategy Elicitation using Eye Acessing Cues to resolve an issue with a musician


Advanced and very novel application of auditory acuity skills and utilization.  


Installation of the Optimal Coaching State


Application of quantum field theory to create rapid and deep rapport (no I'm not talking about about matching and mirroring!)


Practical use of energy and intention in relationships that really works!


Quantum Perceptual Position Induction to transform relationships


Introduction fo Transformational Language -  What are the absolute best questions to ask and when?  How can you dissolve issues conversationally, using just the basics?  How to incorporate hypnotic language in coaching ethically and effectively


Creative Reframing - how can you use the problem to create resources for the solution?


Beyond Words Basics - How to create and deliver non-linear, inductive language patterns to integrate parts.


Conversational approaches anchoring - no not kinesthetic “training wheel” exercises!   What are the keys to elicitation and anchoring no one tells you?


Overdurfian Hyppnotic Coaching - a streamlined approach to present state and outcome state elicitation based on hypnotic techniques and utilization of unconscious processes that can be used in any setting, with Demo.


Conversational and integrated use of mapping across Sub-Modalities to change states and beliefs, with Demos.


Beyond Goals with Demo  Why goals don’t work when they don’t and what does. What is the linguistic construction that creates attachment? How do get out of the procrastination and overwhelm cycle.  


New streamlined full color 89 page manual (yes that’s streamlined! : )) which accompanies the course.


AND this is just what I can remember as I'm writing this recalling the training. There is much more.


So if you're interested in taking what some may say are the most basic skills to the next level of exceptional unconscious integration … if you want to become a high level coach who can work effectively in any setting … if you want to find the simple truths in NLP patterns that make day to day life joyful, fulfilling, exciting, and convert challenges to just the next small step you can make to becoming more of who you are then, buy this now.  

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