Acceptable Methods of Payment
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, Money Orders and Checks.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover
You can pay with your Visa Mastercard, American Express or Discover Credit Card (or Debit card with one of those logos). Debit cards that work like Credit Cards work as well (most do).

Paypal is a very secure method of payment on the web. Paypal lets anyone that has an email address send or receive payments online. For more information please visit Note: It does take a few days to sign up.

Money Orders and Checks / Gift Certificates
Quick Overview: After you have sent us a Money Order or Check we will email you a Gift Certificate for exactly the amount of your Money Order to use on the web site. If you have sent a check you may have to wait as long as 7 business days for the check to clear. See the next paragraph for more info.

More Detail about Money Orders and Checks: To send us a Check or Money Order, first shop on our site, then go through Checkout to determine what your product and shipping costs will be. Then mail us a Money Order or Check (made out to Mark Stanton Welch) for that amount, to this address:

Music for Every Soul
PO Box 1331
Cambria, CA 93428

Remember to give us a Name, Phone Number, and valid Email address to make the gift certificate out to. You'll need both the Name and the Gift Certificate Number to redeem the gift certificate. We will need a valid email address to inform you of your gift certificate number.

We will email you a Gift Certificate for the amount on the Money Order within 24 hours of receiving your Money Order. If you send a Check we will hold the check for as long as 7 business days before emailing you your Gift Certificate. This Gift Certificate is redeemable just like cash on the site and it is always good until you've spent 100% of the money on it.

Money Order / Gift Certificate F.A.Q.

Can I use a Gift Certificate more than once?
Yes. If for instance you purchase a Gift Certificate for $100, you can place an order for $60. If so, you'll receive a new coupon code in the amount of the remaining $40 for later use. Then months later (or later that same day) place a second order for $40.

What happens if the price changes after I've sent my Money Order?
The site does have prices that change from time to time. The customer does need to be aware that we do not guarantee prices won't change.

Is the gift certificate like cash?
Yes! The Gift certificate is exactly like cash and you must treat it with the same respect, do not let anyone else know your Gift Certificate number(s). Do not write the number down or make a copy and put it in your trade folder where someone could see them. Remember they are your responsibility.

I lent my friend my Gift Certificate number to buy one card and he used it all, what happens now?
Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do to help, once a gift certificate is used the money is gone. Sorry.

I have my Gift Certificate number but don't remember how much is left on it, how do I find out?
Please email us with the Gift Certificate Number and your Name, remember the name has to be the exactly like it appears when you originally asked for the Gift Certificate.