<![CDATA[Mark Stanton Welch: Newest Products]]> http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/ Tue, 01 Dec 2020 03:05:47 PST <![CDATA[E-Book: Living in DeLight: The Loving Gifts of a Benevolent Multi-verse (ID: LivingDelightEbook)]]> http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/e-book-living-in-delight-gifts-of-a-loving-cosmos-p1075.php Mon, 19 Oct 2020 11:47:06 PDT http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/e-book-living-in-delight-gifts-of-a-loving-cosmos-p1075.php Price: $17.00

52 Gifts from Benevolent Multi-Verse in one E-Book available for immediate download. Become aware of these profound gifts so that you can activate the conscious application of  them in your moments of living

<![CDATA[Song Written and Recorded for You (ID: PersonalOriginalSong)]]> http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/song-written-and-recorded-for-you-p1074.php Thu, 18 Jun 2020 20:35:50 PDT http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/song-written-and-recorded-for-you-p1074.php Price: $250.00

Let me write and record an original song just for you at this time of your life. Click to explore what is involved.

<![CDATA[Significant Event Celebration in Song and Video (ID: EventCelebrateSongVideo)]]> http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/significant-event-celebration-in-song-and-video-p1073.php Thu, 18 Jun 2020 19:48:55 PDT http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/significant-event-celebration-in-song-and-video-p1073.php Price: $50.00

Let Mark support your special moment or achievement with a song and a video. Be it a birthday or a special achievement or simply just because, let me provide you or a friend with this unique gift from me to you.

<![CDATA[One to One Personal Concert (ID: 1to1personalconcert)]]> http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/one-to-one-personal-concert-p1072.php Wed, 20 May 2020 22:11:20 PDT http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/one-to-one-personal-concert-p1072.php Price: $100.00

Secure a One to One Personal Concert by Mark for you by arrangement.

<![CDATA[Youth Empowerment 2: USB Drive Resource Bundle (ID: YouthEmpB2Resource)]]> http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/youth-empowerment-2-usb-drive-resource-bundle-p1071.php Thu, 14 May 2020 09:52:42 PDT http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/youth-empowerment-2-usb-drive-resource-bundle-p1071.php Price: $97.00

Package Two: Youth Empowerment Resource Pack
14 MP3 CDs and 2 Songbooks with Reference USB MP3 CDs for $97

<![CDATA[Circle of Giving and Receiving: Gratitude Plus (ID: CircleGivingReceivingGratitudePlus)]]> http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/circle-of-giving-and-receiving-gratitude-plus-p1070.php Thu, 14 May 2020 00:49:30 PDT http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/circle-of-giving-and-receiving-gratitude-plus-p1070.php Price: $35.00

Circle of Giving and Receiving: Gratitude Plus
Gift Amount is $35

<![CDATA[Circle of Giving and Receiving: Gratitude (ID: CircleGivingReceivingGratitude)]]> http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/circle-of-giving-and-receiving-gratitude-p1069.php Thu, 14 May 2020 00:45:35 PDT http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/circle-of-giving-and-receiving-gratitude-p1069.php Price: $20.00

Circle of Giving and Receiving: Gratitude
Gift Amount is $20

<![CDATA[2020 Support Resource 3: Living In the Frequency of Wellness and Wholeness Compilation CD (ID: LivingFreqWholenessCompCD)]]> http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/2020-support-resource-3-living-in-the-frequency-of-wellness-and-wholeness-compilation-cd-p1068.php Tue, 05 May 2020 13:04:25 PDT http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/2020-support-resource-3-living-in-the-frequency-of-wellness-and-wholeness-compilation-cd-p1068.php Price: $15.00

2020 Support Resource 3: Living in the Frequency of Wellness and Wholeness Compilation CD  Available Soon

Intentional original songs to support you in these transformational times.

<![CDATA[2020 Support Resource 2: Vibrational Alignment: Applied Sound Alchemy (ID: VibAlignAppliedSoundAlch)]]> http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/vibrational-alignment-applied-sound-alchemy-p1067.php Tue, 05 May 2020 12:32:31 PDT http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/vibrational-alignment-applied-sound-alchemy-p1067.php Price: $15.00

Vibrational Alignment: Applied Sound Alchemy Compilation CD Available Soon

To support the unique and pressing vibrational requirements of these transformational times I have assembled intentional music from my Chakra Immersion CDs addressing the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus in body chakras. Each intentional chant, Ascended Master Call in, rattle sound treatment, and Elohim call will assist you in keeping energetically clean and to call in massive support to walk with you on this unprecedented journey into returning home to the true you.

<![CDATA[2020 Support Resource 1: Healing Chants, Mantras, and Intentional Songs: for a Transformational Time CD (ID: HealCHantsMantraIntSongs2020)]]> http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/healing-chants-mantras-and-intentional-songs-for-these-transformational-times-cd-p1066.php Tue, 05 May 2020 12:17:08 PDT http://stores.modularmarket.com/music_for_every_soul/healing-chants-mantras-and-intentional-songs-for-these-transformational-times-cd-p1066.php Price: $15.00

Healing Chants, Mantras, and Intentional Songs: for a Transformational Time AVAILABLE SOON

A new compilation CD assembled to support the amplification and raising of the personal and collective vibration in these changing days