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To get the flavor of the wide variety of Mark Stanton Welch's creations, download this 10 song MP3 sampler. Each full length creation is from a separate CD in Mark's expansive catalog. This music sampler CD is free and yours to keep and enjoy and pass around.

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Living and expressing gratitude is a profoundly powerful process that assures ascension and a life of clarity, balance, and multilevel prosperity. Adopting an attitude of gratitude softens the impact of moments and creates an open heart that easily radiates loving empathy, compassion, and peace. Let me provide you with a gratitude process that delivers to you powerful exercises. 

Each exercise has a topic for focus, a narrative and explanation about the topic, a description of the activity, and the specific Words of Gratitude to speak out loud to the Universe.The book has 52 separate Gratitude exercises that will alter your life in profound ways. Take control of your manifestation of inner peace and purchase Weekly Gratitude today.

Specially priced set of Weekly Gratitudes and More Weekly Gratitudes PDF Books, each with over 100 powerful gratitudes that form a curriculum to assist you in establishing a magnetic program of manifesting your inner and outer desires. Also part of the specially priced package is a Healing Voice CD, Spoken Gratitudes.

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