Top Dogs Commercial Real Estate Sales Training

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    On-line Special both programs for 595 plus one hour of coaching
    How to Fast-Track Your Expertise in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage (Streaming)
    How to Fast-Track Your Expertise in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage (Streaming)
    How to Fast-Track Your Expertise in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage (Streaming)
    Fast Track and Run withe Big Dogs Videos
    Dual Site License Package - Top Dogs and Fast Track on DVD
    “How to Create Top Dogs” a four session downloadable MP3 audio program
    How To Run With The Big Dogs In Commercial Real Estate: Additional Training Manual
    How To Run With The Big Dogs In Commercial Real Estate: DVD Site License
    How to Fast-Track Your Expertise in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage: Additional Participant Manuals (584 pages)
    How to Fast-Track Your Expertise in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage:DVD Site License Package
    How to Fast-Track Your Expertise in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage:DVD Site License Package Storefront

    How to Fast-Track Your Expertise in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage:DVD Site License Package

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    This course is meant to get brand new agents up to speed with the industry knowledge quickly. If a brand new agent completes this course within the first three weeks of starting, he or she will be ready to go to work to build a practice. The course content includes:

    Includes: 15 video training sessions and the introduction video, three (3) 584-page participant manuals, a site license enabling your company to purchase additional participant manual as needed and an unconditional money back guarantee!

    Your agents will also have access to the Top Dogs student resources page with all the property assessment questionnaires, financial work sheets and client needs analysis work sheets they will need to succeed with their clients. With the site license you can train as many more agents as you want for just the cost of the additional participant manuals.

    With the purchase of this site license packages you will receive “How to Create Top Dogs” Success Strategies for busy brokerage owners and sales managers at no extra cost. We know how busy you are, so we put this on audio CD so you can listen to the four disks in your car, at your convenience. Each disk will give you new ideas that you can implement quickly and easily to save you time in your management role and free up time to do those things that you really enjoy. Regular Price $187, yours FREE.

    • How to get the most from the course
    • Personal productivity tips
    • Three areas of focus for maximum growth
    • The three types of businesses you own
    • The path to success
    • And more
    Lesson 1: Overview of the Industry
    • The property categories in the industry
    • People you must get to know
    • The different types of transactions
    • The roles that brokers play in each transaction
    • How commercial real estate agents are paid
    • Tools one must have to be successful
    • Strategies for success in the industry
    • And more
    Lesson 2: Fundamentals of Office Space
    • Categories and classes of office buildings
    • Core areas and common areas
    • Core depth, mullions and space efficiency
    • Load factors and common area maintenance charges
    • HVAC systems
    • Electricity and communications
    • Parking ratios
    • Life safety requirements
    • Tenant Improvements
    • Important questions to ask about office space
    • And much more
    Lesson 3: Fundamentals of Industrial Space
    • Industrial property types
    • Clear height, clear span, and cube space
    • Common construction types
    • Common area maintenance charges and net charges
    • Electrical capacities
    • Water, floor drains, and effluent treatment
    • HVAC systems
    • Floor loading capacities
    • Parking ratios
    • Life safety requirements
    • Environmental inspections
    • Important questions to ask about industrial properties
    • And much more
    Lesson 4: Fundamentals of Retail Space
    • Categories of retail space, including regional malls, power centers, strip malls, big-box retail, free-standing retail, and community commercial or urban street retail
    • Tenant mix
    • Demographic surveys
    • In-line and end-cap stores
    • AM and PM sides of the street
    • Traffic counts
    • Tenant improvements
    • Percentage leases
    • Important questions to ask about retail properties
    • And much more
    Lesson 5: Fundamentals of Multi-family Residential Properties
    • Size categories
    • The development cycle
    • Evaluations of location
    • Age and condition considerations
    • Vacancy factors
    • Unit mix, amenities and other things that affect tenant turnover
    • Gross scheduled incomes
    • Expenses
    • Net operating incomes
    • Inspections
    • Important questions to ask about apartments
    • And much more
    Lesson 6: Land Uses and Zoning Issues
    • Land uses
    • Land brokerage
    • Rights to natural resources
    • Ground leases
    • Zoning laws
    • Permitted, conditional and prohibited uses
    • Spot zoning, re-zoning, variances, subdivision and up-zoning
    • Density
    • Easements
    • Natural and legislated growth boundaries
    • Legal, but non-conforming uses
    • And much more
    Lesson 7: Investment Analysis
    • Three ways investors make money on commercial property
    • Leveraged appreciation
    • Gross rent multipliers
    • Gross scheduled incomes
    • Net operating incomes
    • Capitalization rates
    • Cash on cash returns
    • Depreciation
    • And much more
    Lesson 8: Commercial Property Valuation
    • Definition of fair market value
    • Steps for a comparative market analysis
    • Comps what they are and how to get them
    • How to access information about properties
    • How to establish price
    • Replacement costs
    • Commercial property appraisals
    • And much more
    Lesson 9: Commercial Property Financing
    • How lenders look at commercial property
    • Reserves
    • Debt service ratios
    • Loan to value calculations
    • How to find good financing
    • The impacts of financing on property valuation
    • And much more
    Lesson 10: Owner Representation
    • Eight steps to representing owners effectively
    • Listing contract terms
    • How to understand client needs and desires
    • How to gather complete property information
    • Marketing collateral materials
    • Effective marketing of listings
    • Systems for continuous communication with owners
    • How to effectively handle inquiries and conduct showings
    • How to negotiate a deal
    • And much more
    Lesson 11: Buyer Representation
    • Investors vs. owner-occupants
    • Needs analysis
    • Exclusive agreements
    • Comprehensive market surveys
    • Property tours
    • Purchasing timelines
    • Winning offers
    • Negotiation
    • Third-party resources to remove contingencies
    • Transaction settlement
    • And much more
    Lesson 12: Tenant Representation – Part 1
    • Needs analysis
    • Questionnaires for office, industrial, and retail space users
    • Client education
    • Overview of leasing process
    • Timelines for leasing
    • Exclusive agreements
    • Market surveys
    • Evaluation of available space
    • Space planning considerations
    • How to use architects
    • Types of leases
    • Subleases
    • And much more
    Lesson 13: Tenant Representation – Part 2
    • Site tours
    • Tips for making site tours effective
    • Letters of intent: What they are, major clauses and tips for writing them
    • RFPs
    • Space planning and tenant improvement considerations
    • Lease financial evaluation and economic analysis
    • Understanding leases major clauses
    • Negotiating to a deal
    • And much more
    Lesson 14: Tools to Have and People to Know
    • Investment analysis software
    • Lease analysis software
    • Contact management software
    • Property information services
    • Marketing tools and resources
    • How to develop a resources team
    • Categories of people you must get to know and tips on how to build relationships
    • And much more
    Lesson 15: Keys to Building a Successful Practice
    • Recap of the entire course
    • How to build personal productivity
    • Keys to taking action
    • How to create a reputation
    • How to build a marketing plan
    • Sales skills that need to be mastered
    • Introduction to How to Run With the Big Dogs in Commercial Real Estate
    • And much more