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Part Number: SAHealingVoice1CelestialTruths

Price: $16.00 $15.00
The Human Voice is a profound healing tool. It carries the very frequency and timbre that speaks to your very own cells and tissues. Conscious use of the voice can make intentional energetic medicine for the issues that have manifested in you. This is Volume One in the Healing Voice Series and will provide extremely powerful and timely high frequency statements to assist you in dismantling the old doctrine of limitations, replacing it with the new paradigm tenets that will make your life smoother and more balanced. A must have in these now age times...
Part Number: SAHealingVoice2SpokenGratitudes

Price: $16.00 $15.00
The Healing Voice Series in the Sound Alchemy genre presents powerful energetic and intentional applications of the human voice. The spoken word commands the Cosmos to magnetize the energies into the form that aligns with your intention. The more you consciously apply this knowledge the more potent your manifestation capacity becomes. This Spoken Gratitude CD presents over 100 gratitude statements over a bed of music and environmental sounds to speak and intend. Use it to elevate your vibration and ease the flow of your moments.
Part Number: SAHealingVoiceVol12Special

Price: $27.00
Special set of two new Sound Alchemy Series CDs under the new Healing Voice category, Celestial Truths in These Now Age Times, and Spoken Gratitudes. Save $5 and get free shipping until midnight on January 12th. 
Part Number: G5Jesus

Price: $16.00 $12.99
Jesus, The Christ CD, is a moving collection of songs written during my tenure as music director at Unity of San Luis Obispo, CA. They are inspired by The Urantia Book, offering a different perspective on the later life of Jesus as he purifies His vibration. These songs comprised the bulk of the Easter program performed yearly at Unity. Click the CD pic or title for more information.
Part Number: AprilMay2018FreeSong

Price: $0.00
Click to receive a special free song. Not only can you get the song but you get the story behind the song as well as the lyrics. It is in appreciation for exploring my site. Please share the song with a friend. There are plenty more songs available on the site...go ahead, explore while you listen to this one. 

Part Number: MSWCMSamplerDL

Price: $0.00
To get the flavor of the wide variety of Mark Stanton Welch's creations, download this 10 song MP3 sampler. Each full length creation is from a separate CD in Mark's expansive catalog. This music sampler CD is free and yours to keep and enjoy and pass around.