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Sound Alchemy: The Healing Voice Series Volume 1: Celestial Truths for These Now Age Times (2018)

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The human voice is a marvelous instrument, capable of producing a startling range of sound, texture, and pitch. It’s power as a healing tool is obvious but mostly untapped. With focused intention it can be used with precision to clear energetic conditions, change vibrations, and move the impacted and unexpressed energetic past. It can be used to seed the moment with the intended future, thus being an essential tool in the universal process of manifestation. It is both the vehicle of creation, as well as destruction.
In this exciting and expansive new series under the Sound Alchemy umbrella, we focus initially on the power of the spoken word. The words we say are too often random reinforcement for a life built on limited thinking and issues of personal value. We speak out with emotion and the Universe listened. Universal law is activated and we begin the process of manifesting that which we speak. We unknowingly speak the forms of our life into reinforced existence. Our words reflect our thoughts which reflect our beliefs. The lower the vibration of those thoughts and beliefs then the more likely we are living a life far below our design and potential.
The Healing Voice Series starts out with specific words of power that are activating new perspectives on how things are showing up in this transitional time of reawakening. These words, when spoken out loud often, will serve to create a new foundation for you. They will attract the very forms that reinforce their higher vibration. So, I invite you to embark on this journey only if you are seriously ready to change your life on the inside and the outside. It has the potential to change so much in your life, for, once you begin to reclaim and affirm and live from your true design, the world and its forms respond. Below is the first of the series. Let’s get calling forth and proclaiming your new world…

Volume one consists of three tracks of high potency spoken statements that are intentioned to replace your worn out limiting thoughts and beliefs. These are spoken by Mark over a musical or environmental background. The invitation is to listen to these and speak them as well over and over and over until they infiltrate the subconscious and replace the beliefs that no longer serve and honor you.

1. Celestial Truths in These Now Age Times
1. I AM a Spiritual Being having a human experience in a physical body. I carry within me the deep knowing that I have all my tools, skills, and capacities as that Spiritual Being available to me at any time I consciously choose to call them forth and act from them. In this state of infinite, transcendent living I carry the ongoing template of I Am That I Am Expressing As Me to call upon and live from at any now moment.
2. I Am aligned with Celestial Cosmic Laws that transcend physical law. Thus, beliefs in limitation are hereby suspended as I launch my journey of reclamation. Anything is possible.
12 Additional Statements on the recording and he download. All statements available upon purchase
2. Foundations for Conscious Living
1. My Celestial Design Template is intact and contained in cells, tissues, and DNA, awaiting the conscious recognition and reactivation.
2. Adopted beliefs and their subsequent patterns of action are the vehicles that keep my life in loop mode. The loop triggers the continued investment in believing that I am less than I am.
10 additional statements available on recording, complete list available at purchase
3. High Vibrational Tenets to Support Your Daily livng
1. I am on a beautiful adventure to remember consciously who I am by design.
2. My “waking up” is guaranteed and will unfold in alignment with my intention and effort.
3. I am not alone on this journey.
4. I am so much more than I have allowed myself to be.
20 additional statements available on recording, complete list available at purchase

How to Use These Statements
1. Listen to all of the statements a lot. Repetition is one of the key elements to shift thought patterns, beliefs, and the subconscious reservoir of established belief patterns.
2. To amplify the process speak all statements out loud while Mark is speaking them as well.
3. Make a copy of this page and take time daily to speak these statements with commitment and confidence out loud in your own voice.
4. All of these techniques serve to replace lower vibrational thinking. You are creating new neural pathways that will amplify to be the new beliefs that attract the situations, people, and events that will align to make manifest the beliefs in the outer field.
5. If you want to explore creating your own personalized power statements and then mutually creating a purpose CD with Mark then click the Vibrational Attunement link below.

6. If you are interested in reawakening your own voice to find your expression power then click on the link below to Reclaiming the Natural Voice.

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