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NW51: Intestinal Parasites A New Approach to an Old Problem
PW50: Current Research with Psilocybin (self study)
PW51: Current Research with MDMA
NW49: Ayurvedic Medicine & Cardiology (self study)
PW49: Psychedelics & the Future of Medicine (self study)
NW50: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Route to Resolution
PW48: Updates in Dermatology: Treating Hair Loss (self study)
PW47: Integrative Therapeutic Options with Pharmacy Compounding (self study)
NW48: Impact of Deep Roots of Childhood Trauma on Adult Health (self study)
PW46: An Update on Thyroid Health (self study)
"Shout Out" Sponsor Add-On
"Shout Out" Sponsor Add-On Storefront > 2021 Exhibitor Options for Virtual Conference

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"Shout Out" Sponsor Add-On
Price: $250.00
Status: Available

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At the end each presentation (on Saturday and Sunday), we will be "shouting out" a sponsor to direct attendees to that company.

This Add-On includes a 2-3 line description of your company or a specific product that you wish to highlight that will be announced by our host right before the break. If you want to increase the likelihood of docs visiting your page, this is the add-on for you!

You'll also have the ability to mail a product you'd like highlighted to the CNDA home office so we can "test it out" and offer an additional personal recommendation.


The "Shout Out" may sound something like this:

"While you're on break, check out XYZ company who's helped patients with XYZ kinds of conditions. You may especially like the Very Cool Product that has This Incredible Result. You can find out more at where you can get 20% off your first order. with code CNDA2021."


If you opt for mailing the CNDA a product, we may also add something in our own words like, "I love the vibrating massage ball! It's helped me with my back pain tremendously and is incredibly soothing. I've recommended it to all my friends so go check that out! I think your patients would love it too."

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