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You downloaded your form, but can’t find it on your computer?
Clicking on the download button WILL download the form to your computer. Where your computer stores the can vary depending on the type of computer and operating system you have:

Windows 7 Users: Your forms will appear in your Downloads folder on your PC.

For older operating systems, such as XP, Vista, etc.: When you click the “download” button, you will need to specify where you want to save the downloaded file. 

Your forms will appear as a zipped file in your Downloads folder in Finder. Double-click on the icon to unzip the file, and then double-click on the files to open them.

The form won’t “unzip”?                              
On most computers, you can simply double-click on the zipped folder and then double-click on the form to open it. You may need to right click on the folder and choose Extract and it will unzip the zipped files into another folder.

If that process doesn’t work, you may need to download and install “upzip” software. Windows, Mac, and Linux computers all have built-in “unzip” software to open these files. If, for some reason, your unzip software is missing, you can download it here for free:

Mac: izip for Mac

Windows: WinZip for Windows

Linux: UnZip for Linux

Can't open the form?                              
Our forms are in PDF format. You will need PDF reader software to open them. The most popular PDF reader is Adobe Reader, but our forms will work with all PDF readers. Adobe Reader is free, and you can download the appropriate version for your Windows or Mac computer HERE.

You need to double click on the forms folder and drill down to the form to open it in a PDF reader, you can not open the folder itself in the pdf reader.

Linux Users: Adobe no longer supports Adobe Reader for Linux. We recommend Foxit Reader. Select “Desktop Linux” or “Embedded Linux” from the dropdown menu and follow the instructions to download and install.

Need more accesses?
You have 3 download accesses for the forms before the expiration date.

If you need more accesses, please call tech support at 866-385-2972 and leave a message.


Still need help?

Call us toll free at (866) 385-2972 during regular business hours or contact us online at Technical Support Contact Us form.



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