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NEW! Paulk Smart Kart 2 (PSK2)

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Paulk Smart LR32/MFT Jig (PSLR32MFTJIG)

The Paulk Smart Big Bench Package (PSBBP)

Paulk Smart Panel Rig (PSPR)

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Paulk Smart Big Bench (PSBB)

Paulk Smart Cross Cut (PSCC)

Paulk Smart Woodshop Package (PSWP)

Paulk Smart Cradle (PSC)


NEW! Paulk Smart Kart 2 (PSK2)

NEW! Paulk Smart Kart 2 (PSK2) Storefront

NEW! Paulk Smart Kart 2 (PSK2)

Price: $15.00
Status: Available

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Introducing the all-new PSK2: The Paulk Smart Kart. Building on the success of the original PSK, Ron has redefined innovation and functionality with a meticulous redesign.

Central to this transformation is the revolutionary R8 Smart Caster, a product of Ron's collaboration with Bob, the creator of the R7 caster from a small U.S. fabrication shop. After extensive iterations and collaboration, they perfected the R8, tailored for The Smart Woodshop.

The development was intensive, involving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. The PSK2 is not just an update but a complete overhaul, offering a radically new experience. The Paulk Smart Kart-2 is now ready for you to build, and the innovative R8 Smart Caster is available for order.


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