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(NW46) Endobiogenic Medicine: How Terrain Influences Immunity (self study)
NW45: Cancer Care: A Naturopathic and Ayurvedic Approach (self study)
PW46: An Update on Thyroid Health
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NW48: The Impact of the Deep Roots of Childhood Trauma on Adult Health
NW44: A Comprehensive Integrative Approach to Mood Disorders (self study)
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BB2: Make your practice a magnet for your ideal patients
BB2: Make your practice a magnet for your ideal patients Storefront > Self-Study Business Webinars
BB2: Make your practice a magnet for your ideal patients
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Presented by Lisa Cain

Webinar Description
In this self study webinar you’ll learn the three step process for positioning your practice so you easily attract your ideal patients.   We will walk through a step-by-step process for identifying the market segments in your community.  Then, you’ll learn how to choose your ideal patients.  Finally, you’ll learn how to craft your marketing messages so that these ideal patients flock to your practice.  
Successful businesses, both large and small, customize their messages and offers for specific target segments.   For example, there are 40 different types of Crest toothpaste, each targeting a slightly different audience.   Learn how your practice can leverage these concepts so you build a profitable practice full of your ideal clients.

Goals and Objectives
  • Why Targeting and Segmentation are important
  • How to brainstorm about different market segments
  • How to evaluate the best segments to target
  • How to describe the target audience(s) and their concerns so you can effectively communicate to them
  • How to create a positioning statement that will be the touchstone for your marketing materials
Lisa Cain, PhD
Lisa Cain, PhD founded MarketingU as a resource for individuals and organizations interested in getting professional marketing training and execution tools.  The tagline for MarketingU is "Learn It. Do It." which exemplifies Lisa's commitment to hands-on, action-oriented learning.  Lisa earned her Masters and Ph.D in Marketing from The Wharton School.  She does admit to being stunned that the University of Delaware alumni association reminded her recently that it was 25 years ago that she earned her bachelor's degree of Chemical Engineering. Lisa keeps connected with the academic world by teach marketing management, strategy and research at the Mills' Graduate School of Business.  She is also the West Coast Coordinator for the Global Consulting Practicum of the Wharton School. Lisa and her husband, Aaron Gobler both enjoy spending time with their two daughters, Emma and Jolie (ages 13 and 10).

Original Date of Live Webinar
June 28, 2011 - 6:30pm-9:00pm

Immediate Download Includes
• Windows Media File of the Webinar
• PDF booklet
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• Download files to your computer
• Watch webinar