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PW53: Therapeutic Considerations for COVID-19
NW50: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Route to Resolution (self study)
2022 Virtual Conference: The Holistic Human: Advances in Naturopathic Primary Care
PW52: Ketamine: Therapeutic History & Current Research
NW51: Intestinal Parasites – A New Approach to an Old Problem
PW50: Current Research with Psilocybin (self study)
PW51: Current Research with MDMA
NW49: Ayurvedic Medicine & Cardiology (self study)
PW49: Psychedelics & the Future of Medicine (self study)
PW48: Updates in Dermatology: Treating Hair Loss (self study)
Donate to the CNDA 2022 Legislative Campaign

Support naturopathic medicine with your donation to the CNDA today! 

Working together with the CNDA, we can modernize Scope so that Naturopathic Doctors can practice to the fullest extent of their training.

We anticipate a full legislative advocacy campaign running a minimum of $500,000. If every California licensed ND were to contribute even a dollar a day, we would be well on our way to meeting that goal. 

Of course, we hope that you will dig deep and donate more, because this is just the start. 

Your naturopathic practice today is directly affected by CNDA advocacy efforts which include:

  • Licensure as independent primary care doctors since 2003
  • Evolution of licensing body from weak bureau of MDs as NDs to a strong committee led by licensed naturopathic doctors
  • Ability to do CLIA waived testing in office
  • Ability to hire Naturopathic Assistants
  • Independent IV therapy

We need advocates like you to continue this momentum.

*NOTE: The CNDA is subject to Internal Revenue Code restrictions imposed on 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organizations as a result of our lobbying activities, therefore donations to legislative campaigns are not deductible as a business expense. 

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