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PW19: The Most Common Drug Prescriptions: Clinical Updates, Managing Adverse Effects and Avoiding Drug-Herb Interactions
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2.5 hours of pharmacy credits for California Naturopathic Doctors

Dr. Marcus Miller, MD, ND

Originally aired: November 12, 2013

Course Overview
Dr. Miller will share his extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals with audience members during this exploration of the top selling prescription drugs in the U.S. today. This presentation will deepen your understanding of the mechanisms by which these commonly prescribed drugs work and examine the common and serious adverse effects associated with each type of medication. Relying on his decades of experience as both an internal medicine physician and naturopathic doctor, Dr. Miller will discuss a variety of evidence based treatment options clinicians can offer their patients for coping with and managing the negative side effects of prescription drugs.

Biography of Marcus Miller, MD, ND
Marcus Miller, MD, ND is one of a small number of physicians in the U.S. to be board-certified in internal medicine and trained in naturopathic medicine. Dr. Miller received his medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans in 1982. He completed an internship in family practice at Earl K. Long Hospital in Baton Rouge, LA, followed by a residency in internal medicine at Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland, OR. After 13 years in private practice, Dr. Miller began his naturopathic education at National College of Natural Medicine and in 2001 he graduated with both academic honors and honors in research. Dr. Miller is a full-time academic and clinic faculty member at NCNM who teaches courses in pharmacology, geriatrics, pathology, endocrinology and emergency medicine and sees patients at the NCNM teaching clinic. 

Participant Feedback
  • Very useful!
  • Great, this has been my favorite Pharmacy Webinar! Very friendly and easy to learn from. 
  • It was extremely helpful to review all those medications. And I am grateful to tell women what herbs to avoid while on obc. Thank you.
  • Please have him again! Awesome, informative, great teacher!!!!!!!!
  • Dr. Miller is a delight to listen to and I could have listened much longer. Have him again! 
  • Fantastic lecture and wonderfully presented! Thank you, Dr. Miller!
  • Great content. Well delivered. Just enough biochemistry so one might have intelligent discussions with MD's and the public. Good coverage of the most important mechanisms of action. 
  • Enjoyed the presentation, especially the anecdotes and examples. These made the information stick. Thanks to all!
  • Great webinar! 

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