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Paulk Smart Cross Cut (PSCC)

Price: $10.00
Status: Available

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The Paulk Smart Cross Cut (PSCC)

The Paulk Smart Cross Cut is a revolutionary change to the Smart Cross Cut. It is simpler and less expensive to make, fast to set up and best of all it can remain on the bench adding material support even when cross cutting isn’t necessary. The first Paulk Cross Cut Jig (PCCJ) solved a big problem, but it was clunky and required squaring every time for accuracy. The evolutionary Smart Cross Cut (SCC) improved the design in every way from the original but needed to be removed when changing bench operations, plus it was two parts. Now the PSCC is a single piece doesn’t require squaring ever and doesn’t get in the way of other operations. Install it and forget it until you need it. Efficiency, accuracy, and just plain fun to use. Accurately cross cutting wide material, has been a challenge until now.
The plans show both Metric and Imperial measurements and are delivered indownloadable PDF formatonly. Workbench plans and tools not included.
More information is available in this video.

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