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Paulk Smart Kart

Paulk Smart Kart

PSS using the Paulk Smart Kart

PSB using the Paulk Smart Kart

PSS and the PSB packed using 2 PSKs

Paulk Smart Kart (PSK)

Price: $10.00
Status: Available

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The Paulk Smart Kart (PSK)
The Paulk Smart Kart adds mobilty to The Paulk Smart Bench and The Paulk Smart Station.

Take efficiency to the next level. Ideal for working in a small space where fast tool movement is required or a large space for moving tools closer to the work.
The plans are delivered in both metric and Imperial measurements, andare delivered in a downloadablePDF format.
Plans for the Pauk Smart Bench (PSB) and the Paulk Smart Station (PSS) are not included and are sold separately.
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