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NW5: Advanced Topics in Adrenal Dysfunction (self study)
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Advanced Topics in Adrenal Dysfunction with Dr. Michael Friedman, ND
Continuing Education Credits
2.0 hours of general CE credits for California Naturopathic Doctors
2.0 CEs for LAcs - self-study 

Dr. Michael Friedman, ND: Advanced Topics in Adrenal Dysfunction:
This course will provide insight into how adrenal overexertion is associated with irregularities in thyroid hormone status, sex hormone production, and cardiovascular disturbances. This webinar will review several key signs and symptoms linked with subclinical and clinical adrenal dysfunction, and offer evidence-based prescriptions for the management of adrenal dysfunction.

Attend this presentation to confidently:

  • Identify the most important signs and symptoms associated with subclinical adrenal dysfunction.
  • Assess adrenal health using physical exam techniques as well as serum and saliva testing.
  • Identify the connection between the adrenal  gland, thyroid gland, and sex hormone production
  • Understand the relationship between cardiovascular function and adrenal function.
  • Make appropriate recommendations regarding life-style modifications for stress reduction.
  • Prescribe evidence-based botanical medicines and hormones that support adrenal function.
  • Prescribe evidence-based glandular hormones and pharmaceutical drugs that support adrenal function – and understand when these treatment options are indicated.
  • Understand the pros and cons of naturopathic vs. conventional approaches to adrenal dysfunction
Immediate Download Includes 
• Windows version (.wmv) and Mac version (.mov) of the Webinar
• PDF booklet
• Certification form
• Purchase the webinar
• Download files to your computer
• Watch webinar
• Use the link in the Word file receive your Self-Study CE certificate