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NW56: Insulin Resistance or Genetic Resistance? Altering Genes to Modify Insulin Pathways (self study)
NW55: A Heart on Fire: Ayurvedic Approaches to Quelling Inflammation in a Troubled World (self study)
PW55: A Personalized Approach to Metabolism Enhancement (self study)
PW54: Enhancing Patient Outcomes: Integrative Approaches in Oncology Treatment (self study)
NW54: Cancer & Aging: Optimizing Post-Treatment Cancer Survivorship (self study)
NW53:Effects of Chronic Hidden Infections and Toxins (self study)
2023 Conference: Complex Chronic Conditions – Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together (self study)
PWP2: Winter Webinar Pod (MS/ GI Pain/ Treating Different Life Stages) (self study)
PWP1: Essential Pharmacy Webinar Pod: Connecting the dots from top to bottom (self study)
2022 Virtual Conference: The Holistic Human: Advances in Naturopathic Primary Care (self study)
BB5:Marketing Strategies for your Naturopathic Practice
BB5:Marketing Strategies for your Naturopathic Practice Storefront > Self-Study Business Webinars

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BB5:Marketing Strategies for your Naturopathic Practice
Price: $60.00
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Marketing Strategies for your Naturopathic Practice
Presented by Tad Hargrave

Learn how to apply the core strategies of the world's most successful life coaches and holistic practitioners to "steadily, authentically, organically and affordably fill your practice with clients that are a perfect fit" by using low cost and low pressure techniques that won't break your bank or make you feel "gross."
Topics to be covered include:
·         The three core elements of building your practice.
·         The six things you can be known for (and why people often rely on the wrong one).
·         Some simple ways to find your niche.
·         A simple perspective and approach to marketing that can easily double your business. 

About Tad Hargrave
Tad Hargrave is a hippy who developed a knack for marketing (and then learned how to be a hippy again). Despite years in the non-profit and activist world, he finally had to admit he was a marketing nerd and, in the end, he became a marketing coach for hippies. Maybe it was because he couldn’t stand seeing his hippy friends struggle to promote their amazing, green and holistic projects. Maybe it was because he couldn’t keep a 9-5 job to save his life. For almost a decade, he has been touring his marketing workshops around Canada, bringing refreshing and unorthodox ideas to conscious entrepreneurs and green businesses that help them grow their organizations and businesses (without selling their souls). And, over the years, he has become recognized as a leader in the wider movement towards green and local economies.