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BB7: HIPAA for Naturopathic Doctors in a High Tech World (self study)
BB7: HIPAA for Naturopathic Doctors in a High Tech World (self study) Storefront > Self-Study Business Webinars

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BB7: HIPAA for Naturopathic Doctors in a High Tech World (self study)
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Course Overview
This seminar is designed to outline the HIPAA rules for Naturopathic Doctors practicing in the real world. The real world includes office staff that need to be trained and understand these rules since you are responsible for their conduct. Naturopathic doctors also practice in a high tech world with email, cloud storage, flash drives, laptops, and smart phones all containing protected health information. Using actual experiences from the trenches, challenging compliance issues will be used as case examples for everyone to learn from. A list of agreements your practice requires along with sample draft agreements will also be provided.  

Attend this presentation to confidently:

  • Understand what information must be protected under the HIPAA privacy laws
  • Understand the HIPAA patient rights
  • Know when patient information can be disclosed (treatment, payment, subpoenas, etc.)
  • Understand what agreements you need to establish with employees and business associates
  • Understand your role as a healthcare provider in maintaining privacy of protected health information for: patient care, contacting patients,  marketing and social media
  • Be aware of consequences for non-compliance
  • Know what to do if there is a breach of patient protected health information