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NW53:Effects of Chronic Hidden Infections and Toxins (self study)
2023 Conference: Complex Chronic Conditions – Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together (self study)
PWP2: Winter Webinar Pod (MS/ GI Pain/ Treating Different Life Stages) (self study)
PWP1: Essential Pharmacy Webinar Pod: Connecting the dots from top to bottom (self study)
2022 Virtual Conference: The Holistic Human: Advances in Naturopathic Primary Care (self study)
BB11: Going Virtual: How offering online services could allow you to live your dream life (self study)
PW53: Therapeutic Considerations for COVID-19 (self study)
NW51: Intestinal Parasites – A New Approach to an Old Problem (self study)
PW52: Ketamine: Therapeutic History & Current Research (self study)
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MM13: Naturopathic Roots - Practical Applications of Nature Cure in Primary Practice
MM13: Naturopathic Roots - Practical Applications of Nature Cure in Primary Practice Storefront > Self-Study CNDA Conferences
MM13: Naturopathic Roots - Practical Applications of Nature Cure in Primary Practice
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Continuing Education Credits
10.5 hours of general CE credits for California Naturopathic Doctors
> Read below for MM13 attendee reviews.
> Download .wmv files if you have a PC, or the .mov files if you have a Mac.
> Receive your 10.5 CE self-study certificate by clicking the link in the Word file (download).
> Lecture slides are in the conference book (PDF download).

Conference Description
Get back to the roots of naturopathic medicine by learning from some of the most prominent experts in nature cure. Expand your current practice by gaining insight into some practical and effective nature cure modalities that will help your patients receive the care they need to get well. Visit us at for complete lecture descriptions, speaker biographies, hotel information and registration options.
Conference Lectures
Grow your Practice from the Roots of Communication and Connection
Dr. Rick Kirschner, ND, Keynote Speaker
Successful doctors know how to connect and relate appropriately and effectively with patients and community
interest groups, and how to get important ideas across persuasively. Gain insight and strategic ideas on how to meet people where they are, find what is important to them, and then build bridges to positive results.
Visceral Manipulation Techniques: History and Practical Clinical Application
Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND

Learn the history of soft tissue and visceral manipulation techniques and then how to use and apply many of those techniques in your practice. Dr. Sandberg-Lewis will cover conditions such as hiatal hernia, kidney stones, pancreatic issues and psoas pain.
How Biography Becomes Biology: The Body Bears the Burden
Dr. Paul Epstein, ND

Explore how our life traumas and stresses affect our whole person health, and how healing happens when we engage our inner healer and thereby unburden ourselves from the wounds of our life story. Learn how we can better help our patients access this deeper healing.
The Power of Vitalism
Dr. James Sensenig, ND

In this time of great social distress amid rapidly evolving consciousness, is it possible that the fundamental precepts of our profession describe a new medicine from the heart of the old medicine? Dr. Sensenig will describe this paradigm and the way it informs clinical medicine and our purpose as physicians.
Biophilic Medicine: The Preventive, Restorative and Therapeutic Power of Contact with Nature
Dr. Kurt Beil ND, MPH

Regular contact with the natural world is an inherent component of human health and well-being, according to the evolutionary-psychobiological theory of “biophilia.” Learn how the modern naturopathic practitioner can address health and disease through the use of biophilic techniques.
Practical Clinical Tips for Acute Prescribing
Dr. Deborah Frances, ND

Dr. Frances will discuss the best use of naturopathic therapeutics in acute care, with an emphasis on acute homeopathic prescription.  
Constitutional Hydrotherapy in Your Practice
Dr. Letitia Kronenberg, ND

The seven basic variations of constitutional hydrotherapy are rarely seen or taught and yet can be critical to patient outcomes. Learn how to make hydrotherapy a profitable addition to your business and to your patient outcomes.

MM13 Attendee Feedback
Doctors answer the question: "What did you find most useful in this presentation?"
Dr. Deborah Frances
· This was excellent!! The best talk of the weekend and so helpful clinically. I have already a bunch of her tips in practice today! I loved that it was clinically relevant, loved the fact that she talked about homeopathy. Just loved it. Would love to have her come back to speak again and would love to hear more of her protocols. She was great.
· Lots of great information, clinically relevant and cases were great. Dr.Francis is a hoot! and I love hearing her.
· By far the best presentation all weekend hands down! It was grounded, PRACTICAL, humorous, wise and SOOOO informative.
· LOVED IT! Personal/professional first-hand expertise on the workings of our medicine are so valuable, and important for us to share.
Dr. James Sensenig
· Liked his assertive, confident style. "The physician's ONLY to CURE" WOW!
· I was inspired! A breath of fresh ear! A pep-talk which I needed!
· Just really inspiring, love hearing ND's talk about health from this perspective.
· Engaging, interesting. Great historical review, good sense of humor, great speaker.
Dr. Rick Kirschner
· He inspired me to continue to develop my communication skills.
· Enjoyed the emphasis on how we as Naturopathic Doctors have the ability to promote health from a practice growth perspective, which is something that the allopaths do not have.
· He had amazing energy.
· Really liked his personal anecdotes and the motivational spirit of his presentation.
Dr. Letitia Dick-Kronenberg
· Reminder to incorporate hydrotherapy into my life and practice more. After years of hearing so much about the Carroll test and so much mystery and controversy around it, I liked that she addressed it in a very simple and matter of fact way without having to get into the nitty gritty. For those of us not able to go to Bastyr or to her clinic, it was so wonderful to finally learn more about it.
· I'm greatly inspired and reminded of the power of hydrotherapy that we can use to help patients.
· Good reminder about constitutionals. Good practical information about how to set up and chart. I loved her practicality and knowledge.
· A rare treasure to have all this information directly handed down from the masters on Hydrotherapy.
Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis
· I enjoyed learning the Faillor technique for hiatal hernias.
· Didn't know so many ailments could be treated with manipulation.
· Down to earth therapeutic suggestions.
· Learned about chromoanalgesia. New topic for me.
Dr. Paul Epstein
· Absolutely LOVED it! Really confirming of the mind, spirit approach we need to be in tune with.
· I loved this topic and speaker. This is such refreshing and important work for NDs to hear. Thank you!
· The entire subject was very relevant. I thoroughly enjoyed how the speaker weaves his own story into his presentation.
·  It reminded me of the mind-body component that I have kinda neglected in my practice.
Dr. Kurt Beil
· The entire message was relevant and I resonated with the clinical application of ecopsychology.
· Great info. Well laid out format, nice progression of information.
· Vis Medicatrix Naturae: The healing power of nature is what our profession is founded on and glad it was highlighted through this presentation.
·  Reminder of the healing power of simply going outside and sunshine therapy. Enjoyed the simplicity of concept yet profoundness of therapeutic effect of the material presented in this lecture.

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