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20 Minute Listening and Witnessing Session with Mark

Part Number: 20MinListenWitness
Price: $15.00
Status: Available

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Need 20 Minutes of Being Listened to and Witnessed?
SO much is going on. So many are staying in place with family and there may not be many opportunities to just be heard while you share whatever you need to. In my book keeping things in only leads to the backup of energy in the chakras which can lead to challenges. Stay clear and clean by simply downloading.
I listen well and I can also provide some feedback or action suggestion as well if you so desire.
I will include in the $15 fee a free download of a song of mine that responds to the energy of what you shared. That link may take an hour or so to get to you by email.
Let me be there for you. I am very good at this. The session is by arrangement and can be recorded via Free Conference Call or Zoom as desired. Details will come when you have set up the call
Get started by sending me an Email. I will get back ASAP and we can schedule and do the finances (redirected to pay here). We may be able to do it right away.

Or, purchase the session here by selecting the button above and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Explore the Stay-at-Home Resource Portalon my website with a host of other possibilities for support.
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