Twelve Step Programs Music Resources The 12 step program has helped many take responsibility for their choices, their actions, and their lives. The journey of reclaiming one self can be a moment by moment challenge. A host of programs exist for one who is addressing their form of addiction. Many of Mark’s creations were written for congregations filled with people on the 12 step path. Some songs were obviously relevant. Others made a suggestion about the step. But all come from a place of clearing old energies and establishing a new internal paradigm of health and power…to get one’s life back
Here are 3 CDs filled with songs that directly address the 12 Step experience. Listen and choose. Ideally, get all three for over 40 songs of ongoing, unwavering support for your moments of choice.

Music is an extremely powerful vehicle to support and encourage and initiate inner and outer change. I invite you to use these songs to reclaim the truth of your being and change your life to the higher vibration.

So many choices in life. So many results of those choices. More often than not we are not given instructions how to flow in life, how to make healthy decisions, how to take good care of ourselves. We bought into this, believed that, and did the best we could. Emotional literacy was not taught, so when those feelings came up attempting to clear the old woundings, we felt overwhelmed…and reached for something over and over. And life just kept recycling…thoughts, patterns, actions, beliefs. What we really need is a reprogramming of the inner computer. This music does just that. Whichever songs you choose listen to them over and over. Sing them and let them infiltrate your thoughts. Move with them…get them into your cells. Singing and movement reignites vitality and helps to clear the old stuff. Let the songs become the themes of your moments and soon they will integrate into the sub-conscious to create new beliefs, beliefs that nurture and harmonize and invite a smoother. More love filled life. All this…just by listening to a song. My, these are glorious times! Be well and allow your magnificence.

Or you can check out the lists of additional songs that address the spirit of the program.  Follow this link to explore these lists to listen and make a download purchase to make your own custom playlist that uniquely supports you wherever you are on your personal journey.
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