Theme Series CD Downloads Here you can access the complete CD downloads as well as downloads for individual songs on that CD. Listen to 30 second samples of each song on the CD and link to information about and purchase of the song itself in MP3 format.

All of these CDs consist of mostly previously released songs organized under a common theme. This organization allows you to choose a CD to fit your specific need, energy, and situation. CDs are available as complete shipped CD or as download, complete and individual songs. Click on a CD to access information, samples, and to order download or shipped CD.
Please remember that unless noted, all songs were previously released on another CD.

For over 20 years I wrote music and traveled on some fairly consistent circuits. If I did not have new product when I came back my sales diminished. So, when I returned home I began the next recording in my home studio. As I was writing consistently there was never a shortage for material. Songs came from my Music Director capacity at Unity of San Luis Obispo, California where I would create a new song each week to support the Sunday Service. My additional work with the youth and adults in the New Thought movement provided additional topics for song writing, particularly the shot, repetitive, chant like songs that came to be known as intentional music. 

Needless to say, I was amassing a lot of product. At events, I found myself explaining each one many times to the customers. One day I came upon the idea of themes…writing musical prescriptions for what energetically ailed the person. I crawled through all of my CDs and their songs and gathered specific writings that supported the theme. It was amazing how this fell into place. Sure, there are a handful of songs that fall into multiple themes, but most of the collections are unique. And I started to receive feedback that a song under the theme took on the vibration of the intention. When heard in another theme it took on that vibe.

These Theme CDs are good for clearing the energetics of particular conditions on all levels. Decide which theme serves you  and listen to the whole CD  repeatedly to let the messages and the energy do its work. Welcome to the new medicine…

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