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Free Self Care Resources
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Self Care is a primary tool for balanced living. Too many are unaware of how to self nurture the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Most of the resources and music and offerings in this store are there to assist you in learning to apply masterful self care. Below are some tools that you can put to use right away.
2020 Stay-in-Place Resources
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Here you will find links to all of my resources to support your incredible expansion during these supremely expansive times of early 2020!
You will discover access to music, writings, mentorings, concert schedules, support services and so much more to assist you in raising your vibration to embrace the unfolding opportunities presenting themselves in the form of a sweeping world wide health challenge. These higher frequency  resources can help you take charge of your choices in your moments. They invite you to enter the bigger picture to flow with the new wave of higher frequency energies that are rushing to lift us up.

Explore the Stay-at-Home Resource Portal on my website with a host of other possibilities for support.
Seasonal Self Care Series
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The Earth is our ally, manifested to provide the perfect environment with all the resources necessary for life to thrive. As humans, we are intertwined and actually, unified, with the Earth Mother, Gaia, who resonates our inner state by forming our frequency energetic into the physical. Inner life begets outer life.

Energetically, we are provided with an endless higher vibration to assist our moments of living by funneling power into us and merging with our own energetic anatomy to keep us clean and purring in the frequencies we are designed to live in. We are equipped to download the residue into the Earth where it is simply recycled as energy. It works as designed when we consciously use the available tools…most are not even aware they exist. It is time to bring this idea into action and take advantage of what the Earth is gifting us daily.

Life on Earth is about cycles that are somewhat based on the definition of the year, the time it takes for Earth to revolve once around the sun. There are a lot of cycles, but we are addressing only one here.: The seasons.The positioning of the Earth and the nature of the solar orbit combine to influence the relationship of light and darkness, hot and cold, day and night. Out of this process the seasons are made manifest. Fall cycles into winter which cycles into Spring which cycles into Summer. Year after year we witness the unique characteristics, colors, moods, sensations, weather, and feel of each expression. It is reliable and beautiful. We even build our lives around addressing the unique components of each.

But there is a bigger picture in play here. Because the Earth and humans are intertwined, deeply connected, symbiotic, to be exact, we experience the seasons inwardly right along with the outward show. There are consistent elements and energies and actions that impact us profoundly…and most often we do not see them…feel them…and do not understand their capacity to serve us

Aligning with the energy of the seasons can:
1. Help you participate in the symbiotic relationship with the Earth as she progresses through her cycles
2. Provide you with specially created music that harmonizes your seasonal vibration
3. Gives you specific tools to use to embrace the vibrations of that season
4. Balance your energy to be in harmony with the particular season
5. Reconnect you with your inner resource reservoir
6. Connect you with the higher frequencies of Nature and the Seasonal vibration
7. Teach you to Monitor, adjust, and amplify your energy flow in your moments of living to merge you with Earth frequency flow
Explore more of what these bundles are about and then get yours via download or USB Flash Drive now. Follow the links below/…Get involved, get connected, get inspired, get engaged…move into balance with each season.
Life Expansion Resources
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These are amazing, expansive, fertile, and confrontive times of inner and outer reawakening. Change is sweeping through the dimension and all who reside here. Very high frequency information and energy is downloading from the reaches of this loving Cosmos to invite, encourage, and even push each incarnate human into returning to their original celestial design to finally thrive on this glorious living planet, Gaia. The forms of these times are challenging. New information is arriving in the moment to help the inner reboot to access the eternal, original design. 

These resources will give you foundation and understanding and a host of tools to apply to your personal moments of living. The energetic Celestial wash is motivating one and all to return home...use these resources created by Mark to accompany, ease, inspire, and support your profound adventure in these budding Aquarian times.

It is time, my friend...let's get exploring so you can fill your satchel with mind-expanding, heart-opening, life-lifting love-based tools of the now times...
Mark Stanton Welch Empowerment Services
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Mark has been providing a variety of services for individuals to assist them in learning about and integrating new higher frequency information in these remarkable times of change. From online courses to individual mentorings to the exposure to new Sound Alchemy tools and processes, he has been a consistent resource to those who were ready and willing to rediscover their deeper truth and capacities. 

During this period of stay at home in response to the virus, these powerful, supportive services are available at a very reduced price, just in time for the Visioning and intentional changes that are forthcoming in these unprecedented 2020 transformational times. You do not need to do this to discuss the best tools of support and expansion for your journey moving forward into thriving.

Enroll in some cutting edge courses that will help you remember and consciously access your true design to allow you to thrive in this beautiful life. Click the title to explore

Tools for the Times

Living As If Already Whole 

These are unique opportunities to work one to one with Mark via phone or Skype. They are each a specific number of sessions with companion information on the website, Music for Every Soul. Weekly sessions are a combination of information sharing, application of the information, and relating the information to specific elements of your current life. Each mentoring is an investment in your reclaiming your clarity and greater understanding of the Whole You. The course investment is based on these elements. Click the title to explore

Spiritual Mentoring

Inner Child Mentoring

Sound Alchemy Experiences
Explore a variety of higher frequency offerings that can change your personal vibration to free up more of your original energetic design. Sound is a profound  tool for change. Click the title to explore

Vibrational Attunement

Healing Music Musician's Mentoring

Reclaiming the Natural Voice

Special Services
Explore some tools and experiences that can significantly change how life shows up for you. Raising your personal vibrations is a skill that can be learned and applied easily to your moments of living. Click the title to explore

The Rebirth of I Am

throughout these current times of shift, challenge, change, and reawakening. 

Explore each above and then order as many as you choose below.

Sound Alchemy
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As all is vibration (heard this before), there is the potential for sound to occur through vibration. Something
generates a sound as a particular frequency or pitch (mouth utters a vowel a your spoken word pitch) and it
moves through the medium of air outward as a sphere. A listener receives that audible information and goes
through the complex process of hearing and understanding. If all goes well then communication takes place.
We are being sounded constantly by the oscillations of life all around us. The human ear has a range (as an
infant typically, of 20Hz to 20000Hz. There is so much more going on outside of that range in the subsonic and
the ultra/supersonic ranges that we do not “hear” but we do sense and feel on a much more subtle basis. If we
heard everything we likely would short circuit. So the range serves us to include the the human voice range for
communication, the musical range to enjoy the symphony, and the high range with which to expand awareness
and have fun with dogs and bats and dolphins.
Sound is physics, both local and celestial, in action. All of us is a collection of frequencies of design and an
overall signature frequency that is present when we are energetically clear (not very often yet). We are
impacted sonically by life. Some sounds are harmonious and pleasant and some are dissonant or unpleasant.
Most sounds have a harmonic structure that gives character and tone to help us identify what it is (violin,
french horn). That harmonic structure is received by our ears and much of it is felt or sensed, but not broken down or isolated to identify the components. Sounds can be resonant when they initiate a response with another. You like some voices and singers and are annoyed by others. You can see that it can get convoluted quickly with all of these elements and characteristics...
So, let’s throw in one of the most important, intention. Intention is a viable energetic force that seeds any
thought or expression. We intend way more than we realize. Often times we intend higher frequency loving
things/words/actions and also we intend low frequency events as well (anger, criticism, judgment,
correcting, etc)When we look at sound healing we can see that the intention is foundational to the process of
initiating healing energy outward, or even inward. The vibration rides the intent as if the intent is telling it
where to go and what to do. As a human being our design capacity is such that our mental energetic
intentioning is so potent that it can influence the shape, placement, and movement of an object. This is an
essential component of using Universal Law to make manifestations. The intent commands the etheric
substance to gather in alignment to assist in the formation of the object.
Knowing this we can begin to see how powerful and healing intentional sound can be for the giver and the
receiver, for sound impacts all. The higher the frequency of the intent, riding the additional support wave of
knowledge and knowing, then the more quick and profound the response/result. In all of the exercises you
can use in this book the invitation is to seed each with an intent to clear, clean, amplify, heal, support, gift, or

Welcome to Sound Alchemy....
Sound Alchemy Resources
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Sound Alchemy is the process of intentionally influencing the vibration and frequency of sound for the purpose of raising vibration to a state of resonance, harmony, and balance. Alchemy precipitates change. It intends to assist in the clearing of residual toxic, low vibration debris within the physical and  energetic bodies to clarify and balance the personal vibration. The alchemical process involves intention, pitched sound, voice, toning, chant, mantra, rhythm, and sound tools (such as quartz bowls, Tibetan bowls, rattles, bells, gongs, drums, tuning forks, and more).

In this category you will discover specific application of the Sound Alchemy principles in recorded classes and treatments. You will also find specific sound tool packages and specials that will assist you in balancing your vibration and bringing you back into your Frequency of Wholeness. You will find a year's worth of Chakra Balancing Sessions that include not only the traditional in-body chakras, but also the backside applications, the newly re-discovered External Chakras, and the External Spiritual points revealed in the amazing work of Cyndi Dale. You can have access to sessions on External Boundary Care, Maintaining Your Center during the Holidays, and more. New session recordings will be added regularly.

It is time to consciously maintain your personal vibration to give you in the now access to your Whole Self. Let these tools serve that end. Enjoy the exploration.

As your Experience and interest grows you may be open to going deeper. Click the following links to explore the possibilities. 

Sound Waves Inner Mystery School

Personal Treatments to Support the Reclamation of Your True Vibration

A Variety of Music to Support Your Frequency of Wholeness

The Co-Creation of Your Personal Song

Healing Music Musician Mentoring
Hospice Resources
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The practitioners of Hospice provide a magnificent process that addresses one of the greatest challenges for humans transitioning form from physical life to physical death…isolation. Their tender, compassionate, and respectful presence insures that one passes knowing they have been witnessed as alive, as human, no matter what else, what drama, may be playing out in the familial realm. So much happens as the being prepares to return to the greater knowing. Revelations occur as the veil of fear is transcended. Miracles happen with relationships. Healings occur. One’s awareness expands to clear away misunderstandings and open inner vistas to a greater expansive reality. And sometimes, nothing happens as the one simply carries their treasured perspectives to the other side.

Death is also about those left behind, integrating the event, dealing with the details, processing the inevitable flow of feelings.

Three arenas, the dying, the ones left behind, and the Hospice practitioner…all with feelings and energy about what is happening. Much of it hard to express, explore, or understand. Many have no one to talk frankly with. And this is where music can be so very valuable. The songs included on these two CDs intended for Hospice use are powerful vehicles of clearing, release, and healing. Listening to them opens up one on a cellular platform to allow the greater wisdom from within to sweep through. I invite you to explore this music and see how simply playing it the background can shift the energy, the vibrations, the resistance, the understanding, the experience…

Explore a New Site Resource Page where you can listen to and download
individual songs to create your personal play list


Twelve Step Programs Music Resources
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The 12 step program has helped many take responsibility for their choices, their actions, and their lives. The journey of reclaiming one self can be a moment by moment challenge. A host of programs exist for one who is addressing their form of addiction. Many of Mark’s creations were written for congregations filled with people on the 12 step path. Some songs were obviously relevant. Others made a suggestion about the step. But all come from a place of clearing old energies and establishing a new internal paradigm of health and power…to get one’s life back
Here are 3 CDs filled with songs that directly address the 12 Step experience. Listen and choose. Ideally, get all three for over 40 songs of ongoing, unwavering support for your moments of choice.

Music is an extremely powerful vehicle to support and encourage and initiate inner and outer change. I invite you to use these songs to reclaim the truth of your being and change your life to the higher vibration.

So many choices in life. So many results of those choices. More often than not we are not given instructions how to flow in life, how to make healthy decisions, how to take good care of ourselves. We bought into this, believed that, and did the best we could. Emotional literacy was not taught, so when those feelings came up attempting to clear the old woundings, we felt overwhelmed…and reached for something over and over. And life just kept recycling…thoughts, patterns, actions, beliefs. What we really need is a reprogramming of the inner computer. This music does just that. Whichever songs you choose listen to them over and over. Sing them and let them infiltrate your thoughts. Move with them…get them into your cells. Singing and movement reignites vitality and helps to clear the old stuff. Let the songs become the themes of your moments and soon they will integrate into the sub-conscious to create new beliefs, beliefs that nurture and harmonize and invite a smoother. More love filled life. All this…just by listening to a song. My, these are glorious times! Be well and allow your magnificence.

Or you can check out the lists of additional songs that address the spirit of the program.  Follow this link to explore these lists to listen and make a download purchase to make your own custom playlist that uniquely supports you wherever you are on your personal journey.
Youth Empowerment Resources
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From the book, Weekly Gratitudes,

After the Boomers started having children, the children started incarnating in preparation for this 25 year cycle we have been in. They carried clarity and information that has altered the course of humanity, whether it is acknowledged or not. The generations of the late 70’s were the Indigo children, capable of taking the intentions of the 60’s Boomers and putting them into motion. They were filled with energy and were about making change, pushing down old ways of doing things. They were met with much resistance and misunderstanding. Next the Crystal children arrived in the late 80’s and brought in the higher frequencies of Oneness and peace. They were met with resistance and misunderstanding. Though, in each of these instances, their message got through because, despite what the news says, there is a whole lot of Light on the planet raising the consciousness of a significant number of people. With the arrival of the Rainbow children in the early 2000’s the vehicle arrived to support the transformation from the old patriarchal consciousness into the matriarchal, heart based vibration of the emerging Aquarian Age. They come in with an unwavering commitment to shifting this planet to a higher vibration.

It is important to know this information so that we can support these children and generations to do their work. Doing so makes the world and our lives better as well. The historical treatment of children was always reflective of the wounds of the parents and the cultural programming and manipulation of the ones in “control”. This puts the children at a disadvantage immediately, being forced to fit in and conform. These new times are about liberation and ushering in the new vibrations that will make manifest the Oneness reality that has been destined.. It is in our hands to begin to look at these last generations as the bringers of the dawn, the carriers of the frequencies that will assist us in unlocking the coded information within us that reveals who we truly are. We must do our best not to force them into the old ways, but, rather, invite them to reveal what they know. They will teach many of the new ways to bridge the hatred and manipulation and greed that has whitewashed humanity for so long.

To this end we celebrate children, the ones we have brought into this world and the one we have within us. There is always time to reclaim the child within. The energies of the cosmos are fast cracking the resistant walls that have kept us hesitant in life. Reclaiming out vitality and playful spirit and joy and sense of adventure is happening. I invite you to jump into the pool of new frequency. Give deep gratitude and appreciation to any child you see and experience, even if they are not yours. Give Love and appreciation to them for being alive and incarnating at this time. Give them the life they deserve…just as you must do so for yourself. No exceptions. Do not tolerate mistreatment or abuse in any way for these precious ones…including yourself.

Reclaim the child within and without. Play with life and have fun. Become like the little child. It is the second coming…

All of the resources, the music and the writings in this category are fueled by what has been shared. They are vehicles to empower the children of all ages to remember who they are by design and to stay true to that higher vibration to fulfill the intentions that they carry within. Use them as such. Together we can make manifest the balance that allows all beings to thrive. 
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A subscription course and experience is a useful way to slowly explore a topic and develop a habit of study and action. Four of Mark's previous subscription services have evolved into E-Books. Here are the new subscriptions that are launching in 2023 and 2024. Multiple subscriptions can be easily managed. as you have a week at least, with each entry. Each subscription is personal password based and holds an ongoing archive of the eventual 52 entries. Check out the possible subscriptions below. Check out the sample and then choose to subscribe to one or two or more.. More subscription offerings will likely arrive throughout the year.

There are multiple opportunities to subscribe to services provided by Mark. Some are free of charge and some require a one time yearly renewable fee. Explore the possibilities and make your choice to subscribe to one or more. Fee based services will allow for you to access password protected pages.

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