Songbooks These are musical resources, typically for a musician who is music director for a spiritual/self empowerment program. They are excellent resources for an individual as well, proving several hundred short, repetitive, easily singable, positive, and empowering songs to present to or sing with a group of any age. Most are Mark's original creations penned over the years in many group facilitated situations.

The Intentional Songs songbooks consist of alphabetized lead sheets consisting of written melody, lyrics, and chords. There is also a link at the bottom of the page for that song's on line sample to get the timing, feel, and melody accurate.

The Songs for Young Children and the Songs for Teen and Adult Group Singing are words and chords in a decorative collection. There is a companion CD with each consisting of a couple of simple voice and guitar run throughs as reference for the musician.

Intentional Songs are available as whole book and individual song downloads as well as a shipped hard copy. The other songbooks are only currently available as shipped hard copy.

Expand your musical repertoire with a sizable variety of easy, fun, and powerful songs that are proven to work with groups of any size. Collect them all!

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Song Lead Sheets
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Song lead sheets are single song music with melody, chords, and lyrics. For thos which have been recorded you will find a link to the CD where you can listen to a 30 second sample to teach you the way it sounds. There are those that have not been recorded included in these lead sheets as well. I am working to get a sample up for all of those. In the meantime, if you find one you like please contact me and I can send you an mp3 sample within 48 hours. Contact me via email at or via phone at 805.927.2416. (leave a message with email link).

All of these individual songs are included in 2 collections of about 50 song sheets each. You can download those books or have them shipped to you. Click on the links below to access each book. If the songs is named from A-I then explore Book One. For J-z explore Book two.

Intentional Songs Volume One Songbook

Intentional Songs Volume Two Songbook