Seasonal Self Care Series
The Earth is our ally, manifested to provide the perfect environment with all the resources necessary for life to thrive. As humans, we are intertwined and actually, unified, with the Earth Mother, Gaia, who resonates our inner state by forming our frequency energetic into the physical. Inner life begets outer life.

Energetically, we are provided with an endless higher vibration to assist our moments of living by funneling power into us and merging with our own energetic anatomy to keep us clean and purring in the frequencies we are designed to live in. We are equipped to download the residue into the Earth where it is simply recycled as energy. It works as designed when we consciously use the available tools…most are not even aware they exist. It is time to bring this idea into action and take advantage of what the Earth is gifting us daily.

Life on Earth is about cycles that are somewhat based on the definition of the year, the time it takes for Earth to revolve once around the sun. There are a lot of cycles, but we are addressing only one here.: The seasons.The positioning of the Earth and the nature of the solar orbit combine to influence the relationship of light and darkness, hot and cold, day and night. Out of this process the seasons are made manifest. Fall cycles into winter which cycles into Spring which cycles into Summer. Year after year we witness the unique characteristics, colors, moods, sensations, weather, and feel of each expression. It is reliable and beautiful. We even build our lives around addressing the unique components of each.

But there is a bigger picture in play here. Because the Earth and humans are intertwined, deeply connected, symbiotic, to be exact, we experience the seasons inwardly right along with the outward show. There are consistent elements and energies and actions that impact us profoundly…and most often we do not see them…feel them…and do not understand their capacity to serve us

Aligning with the energy of the seasons can:
1. Help you participate in the symbiotic relationship with the Earth as she progresses through her cycles
2. Provide you with specially created music that harmonizes your seasonal vibration
3. Gives you specific tools to use to embrace the vibrations of that season
4. Balance your energy to be in harmony with the particular season
5. Reconnect you with your inner resource reservoir
6. Connect you with the higher frequencies of Nature and the Seasonal vibration
7. Teach you to Monitor, adjust, and amplify your energy flow in your moments of living to merge you with Earth frequency flow
Explore more of what these bundles are about and then get yours via download or USB Flash Drive now. Follow the links below/…Get involved, get connected, get inspired, get engaged…move into balance with each season.
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