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Seasonal Self Care Series Download Bundles Subscription

Part Number: SeasonalSelfCareSeriesSubscriptionBundle
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The Seasonal Self Care Series Bundle Subscriptions gets you the resource package for each of the Seasons delivered one at a time to your inbox on the Solstice and the Equinox. Align with the unique and powerful energies of each season and consciously learn to access and utilize specific elements to help you create inner and outer harmony with the season. You will receive each bundle on the day the next season arrives.

The Fall Bundle arrives on September 23.

The Winter Resources arrive on December 21

The Spring Self Care Bundle comes on March 19.

The Summer Bundle will be available in your inbox on June 20.

By subscribing at this reduced price subscription special you will insure yourself getting these unique and effective inner resources to use throughout the season. Take conscious control of your energies and learn the magic of flowing in resonance and harmony with the seasonal vibration.

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