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Seasonal Self Care Bundle Four: Summer USB Flash Drive

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Available Now as a USB Flash Drive

Help to integrate the unique Summer energies and create balance within you by accepting the Solar invitation to express actively outward in the spirit of the unrestricted child and seed your year with this amazing package of sound and informational tools. 5 CDs, 4 Sound Alchemy files, Inspirational PDFs. This is directly applicable self care for your Summer Season. Available as a download or, newly available, in shipped USB Flash Drive. Use it from the Summer Solstice on June 20th through the 21st of September just before the crossover into Fall. It can be useful to prepare you for the energetics of the Summer Season, which are expressive and frivolous.

Five Themes CDs to align your inner and outer vibration to the Summer frequencies:
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Summer Movement Rhythm
  • Native Beat: Kuake Lano Lano Mahote
Sound Alchemy Tools
  • Spoken Mantra: Om Ganapatayea Namaha
  • Solar Frequency Tone
  • Chant: Kuake Lano Lano Mahote
Informational and Inspirational Writings
  • Sunlight Gratitude
  • Abundance
  • Freedom
  • Travel
  • For Experience

    Daily Cycles
  • Energetic Meaning of National US Holidays

  • All elements delivered as downloads at time of purchase. Download links and access codes located at the bottom of the purchase receipt.

    Available also as PDF and MP3 Download containing all elements.Click to access.

    Shipped CDs available by request and require an additional fee.Contact Mark

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