Spoken Word Informative Sessions Aah...the wisdom of the design. This remarkable mechanism, the voice, capable of generating sound, dispensing information, expressing emotion, healing self and others, entertaining, connecting with the Source...on and on.

The voice is as unique as the vibration that we each are. The characteristics of it are determined by multiple factors: sex, shape of the three resonance chambers (chest, throat, cranium), emotional experiences and the subsequent energies released or held, intention, self care, perception of the moment...and, given all this, we can consciously choose to mimic another or create a brand new sounding voice.

The voice is our vehicle of our presence and power in the world. It is our tool of manifestation that marshals the forces of the Multiverse to gather to create that which we have spoken. Through conscious use we can create our world experience and form. We can connect with dimensions of spirit via chant and mantra and song. We can transform the moments of living into a sound that clears the vibrational residue of the event.

It is such a powerful tool that others can attempt to control us by subjugating our voice. Silencing us is to control us. Singing is outlawed by rulers intent on control. Our free speech is curtailed when they want to dampen our spirit.

The Designer has given us all we need to flow through life. The voice must be used. We must speak our words, sing our song, make our sound. To consciously use the voice to expand our experience is a wise and powerful choice. Never let it be silenced...but run it always through the heart to fill its message with love. This is the gift that will keep giving. Use it...

What follows are a host of opportunities to consciously use your voice to speak high vibration, high frequency words. It is essential that you speak out loud the words of whatever you have chosen here...over and over again...with feeling...with volume...with the knowing that each time you do you empower yourself to reclaim the personal I Am frequency that defines you infinitely.
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