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Complete Chakra Clearing Sacral Chakra Toning Download MP3

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The civilized world is notorious for swallowing their emotion and not speaking their truth. The energetic cost of that is that the energy is stored in its original intensity in the body cells, tissues, organs, and chakras. It serves to slow down the vibration of health in any of those areas. Waiting for release and expression it taps on our conscious to pay attention and facilitate the release. If those tappings are ignored then the area, particularly the chakras, slows down vibrationally and begins to create a physical condition. The longer it is ignored the more significant the condition becomes until it creates a dis-ease, which often serves to get our attention. How many do you know who have had a serious illness be their vehicle for life change? Wouldn’t it be better to not store the energy and release it consciously and regularly?

As all is vibration, we are highly susceptible to sound frequencies. In fact our chakras are aligned to specific frequencies. When we are in balance these frequencies are at their optimum. Life experience and the subsequent choices to withhold the natural expression of the experience will compromise the chakras and slow their rotation speed down. To regain balance we must release these old frequencies of energy. In reality there are many ways to do this. Unfortunately, most of the civilized world is unaware of the chakras and the power of sound, let alone the correlation between the two. In many ways we are taught that our health is, at best, a crap shoot battle between us and germs and micro-organisms and bacteria and ?

Interestingly, “uncivilized cultures” and many ethnic cultures still hold the lineage of information and understanding of how the body can stay in balance. The prejudices against sound and the cultural regulation of the sounding of the voice are just not present in these cultures like in the civilized world. For most Westerners, certain sounds are reserved for specific rooms in the house. Or, they are restricted by family rules or agreements to be silent and not express what you are feeling. Shamans and healers are given permission to use and explore sound, especially with the voice. Miracle healings are often recorded in such cultures because the culture has not been so restricted regarding the natural and etheric worlds and man’s relationship to them.

And so it is that the powerful process of toning has been discovered…in primitive and tribal cultures. The use of the voice is encouraged in these societies. One often hears the women doing keening, or high pitched wailing, when there is illness or death. They, in a sense process the emotional energy of the tribe. Since these sounds are heard by all the frequencies do much to help clear the emotional debris.

Humans have a series of energy bodies that encompass the physical. These energy bodies have frequencies of health. The moments of living result in lower frequency energetic debris attaching to the bodies, the auric field. It is useful and wise to clear these energetic bodies regularly, much like shaking out the rug. A well maintained aura keeps one free of energy that pulls one’s vibration down.

How to Tone
Toning involves making sound with the voice. There are a number of different approaches to doing it. You can choose the one(s) that works for you:

Sirens:using the phonetic Ah start at a low pitch and let your voice rise up. Go as high as you comfortably can and then reverse and allow the sound to go down in pitch to where you began. The sound sweep knocks off energetic debris on the auric field. It is great general purpose aura sweep. Do it 2-4 times or until you feel complete. Doing this daily, especially after coming home from being out is useful to clear the field from any wayward energies you may have picked up through your moments.

Pitched Energy Callings:using the same technique as above, you follow inner guidance on the sweep up or down to stay at an intuited pitch. Keep sustaining the sound, taking more breaths, as necessary, until you feel done. Often the voice releases and floats up of resolves downward. Do 2-4 rounds. You may have the same pitch or a different one. The pitch that is intuited is the Higher Wisdom of the body telling you that this pitch will trigger the release of specific energetic residue within the body (due to unexpressed/unresolved past trauma/event. Holding the pitch sakes loose the debris. It is unnecessary to understand the event of the past being triggered. The story is no longer needed for growth. In fact, the less it is told the better…less distraction/ diversion. If, through the successive rounds, you keep returning to the same pitch, it simply indicates that there was some strong/resistant energy there. When complete, breathe to the area where you think the energy released. Additionally, put some intention there, or fill it with Light or a color. Fill it with intention. Or, fill it with Love. Do these focused guided sirens often to help clear the past.

Another method of toningis to simply pay attention to the body, and when it calls, send it sound or let it sound. A body sensation, ache, numbness, pain, etc. will grab your attention. As it persists follow inner guidance and send a a voiced sound to the spot of pain. Vary pitch as guided until you zero in on the correct note. You will know this by how it feels. Continue until you get a change in the pain/sensation. Conversely breathe into the troubled area and allow it to make sound. Intuited sound is best here as the sound itself is strictly vibration. Words have meaning and baggage. They can also be distracting as well. Either method here works. Most importantly, learn to pay attention to your physical self and respond to the callings of the inner wisdom.

You can also feel an emotionand make sound to express it, rather than using words. Vary the pitch and intensity and inflection. Energetically, this is powerful.

Toning can be done using the voiceand the shape of the mouth and placement of the tongue to create harmonics. These sounds are rich in frequencies and can serve to clear a great many lower frequencies within our energy bodies. Using a phonetic ooo, vary the shape of the mouth and the placement of the tongue to hear the harmonics above the fundamental sound. Vary pitch and listen and feel the results.

Simply make sound.Our voices and free expression have been shut down for many of us. Freeing up the voice to let it wander and play can go far in reawakening the inner child. The sound coming from the play is doing inner and outer work to change the vibration, by knocking off lower frequency debris.

Choose to make sound a regular part of your daily experience. We came here with the capacity to make sound. It was the vehicle we used as an infant and young child to release energy. As we explored the dimensions of the vocal mechanism we were also clearing our vibration and releasing the growing stresses of life in the body . Reclaim this natural tool by speaking your truth. Make sure that you sound out the moments of life, especially struggles. Raw sound is more powerful than words. Remember, words have baggage. They can cause us to feel self conscious and shut down our expression. But sound is clean. Voicing the inner energy is healthy. Let the aches and pains and stress sound through you. I am sure you will notice a lighter sense of being.

The gift of the ancients and the indigenous cultures reminds us of our design and the many tools for living in the vibration of health that we have misplaced. I invite you to open up to full expression. Stay clear and speak and sound before you go to sleep. Do not carry the unspoken to bed. Sing in the shower. Make sound in the car. Go into nature and let your voice celebrate. Every time you do you get closer to center, closer to alignment, closer to reclaiming your true self. Give voice to your life…

You can purchase a CD,Riding the Sound Current,that walks you through basic toning. It also teaches you to clear all your chakras with sound.

I am grateful for your choice to purchase this How-to Article from the series,Tools for Conscious Living. I know the information will serve you well…if you use it….so use it!

Endless blessings
Mark Stanton Welch
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