Youth Empowerment Resources From the book, Weekly Gratitudes,

After the Boomers started having children, the children started incarnating in preparation for this 25 year cycle we have been in. They carried clarity and information that has altered the course of humanity, whether it is acknowledged or not. The generations of the late 70’s were the Indigo children, capable of taking the intentions of the 60’s Boomers and putting them into motion. They were filled with energy and were about making change, pushing down old ways of doing things. They were met with much resistance and misunderstanding. Next the Crystal children arrived in the late 80’s and brought in the higher frequencies of Oneness and peace. They were met with resistance and misunderstanding. Though, in each of these instances, their message got through because, despite what the news says, there is a whole lot of Light on the planet raising the consciousness of a significant number of people. With the arrival of the Rainbow children in the early 2000’s the vehicle arrived to support the transformation from the old patriarchal consciousness into the matriarchal, heart based vibration of the emerging Aquarian Age. They come in with an unwavering commitment to shifting this planet to a higher vibration.

It is important to know this information so that we can support these children and generations to do their work. Doing so makes the world and our lives better as well. The historical treatment of children was always reflective of the wounds of the parents and the cultural programming and manipulation of the ones in “control”. This puts the children at a disadvantage immediately, being forced to fit in and conform. These new times are about liberation and ushering in the new vibrations that will make manifest the Oneness reality that has been destined.. It is in our hands to begin to look at these last generations as the bringers of the dawn, the carriers of the frequencies that will assist us in unlocking the coded information within us that reveals who we truly are. We must do our best not to force them into the old ways, but, rather, invite them to reveal what they know. They will teach many of the new ways to bridge the hatred and manipulation and greed that has whitewashed humanity for so long.

To this end we celebrate children, the ones we have brought into this world and the one we have within us. There is always time to reclaim the child within. The energies of the cosmos are fast cracking the resistant walls that have kept us hesitant in life. Reclaiming out vitality and playful spirit and joy and sense of adventure is happening. I invite you to jump into the pool of new frequency. Give deep gratitude and appreciation to any child you see and experience, even if they are not yours. Give Love and appreciation to them for being alive and incarnating at this time. Give them the life they deserve…just as you must do so for yourself. No exceptions. Do not tolerate mistreatment or abuse in any way for these precious ones…including yourself.

Reclaim the child within and without. Play with life and have fun. Become like the little child. It is the second coming…

All of the resources, the music and the writings in this category are fueled by what has been shared. They are vehicles to empower the children of all ages to remember who they are by design and to stay true to that higher vibration to fulfill the intentions that they carry within. Use them as such. Together we can make manifest the balance that allows all beings to thrive. 
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