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Music Sequences for Youth Programs Three

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Music is a powerful vehicle that crosses all kinds of lines of separation. It can be the catalyst for discussion, connection, expanded experience, celebration, reflection, releasing, empowerment. I have created a set of four musical sequences that would support a half hour Sunday spiritual program for youth programs (of all ages). They are theme based and consist of a gathering song, a focusing song, a quiet song, a community song, and a closing song. Use these when you want something different…
The themes of this CD are: Connection, Self Care, Child Power, and Grounding on the Earth. This is the third of three such compilations for group use.
Please remember that unless noted, all songs were previously released on another CD.

Session One: Connection
Gathering Song Life Is Good
Focusing Song Comes Back
Quiet Song One Another
Community Song You are love
Closing Song One
Session Two: Self Care
Gathering Song When the Balance Is True
Focusing Song Take Good Care of Me
Quiet Song Here and Now
Community Song We Were Born
Closing Song No
Session Three: Child Power
Gathering Song Wise Child
Focusing Song Trust What I Feel
Quiet Song Contemplation
Community Song Brand New World
Closing Song I Wonder
Session Four: Grounding in the Earth
Gathering Song Roots
Focusing Song Like a Tree
Quiet Song Gaia
Community Song I Am the Mineral
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A1 Life Is Good

A2 Comes Back

A3 One Another

A4 You Are Love

A5 You And I Are One

B1 When The Balance Is True

B2 Take Good Care Of Me

B3 Here And Now

B4 We Were Born

B5 No

C1 Wise Child

C2 Trust What I Feel

C3 Contemplation

C4 Brand New World

C5 I Wonder

D1 Roots

D2 Like A Tree

D3 Gaia

D4 I Am The Mineral

D5 Shout The Four Directions