E-Books and How-to Articles Here you can find Tools for Conscious Living, specific How-to articles focusing on a variety of subjects to smooth your moments of living. Explore, also, the downloadable E-Books to developing a year long weekly gratitude practice or to become aware of 52 Celestial Gifts that come with the territory, there for your use at any time. 

The available books in order of publication include:
  1. Weekly Gratitudes
  2. Living in DeLight
  3. Solid on the Earth
  4. The Guidebook for Evolving Chakra Care
  5. Thriving as a Teen and Young Adult (available now as a shipped printed book, soon as a PDF download)
  6. Ten

Published How-to Articles include:
  1. Balancing the Chakras
  2. Clearing Anger
  3. Conscious Connecting with Nature
  4. Creating a Healing Ambiance
  5. Cutting Energetic Cords
  6. Fear
  7. Grounding
  8. Toning

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