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Living As If Already Whole Volume One

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From the introduction of the book,Living As If Already Whole

My dear friend, you are most assuredly at the most important threshold of this or any incarnation. You are at the supreme point of choice. Stay the same and embrace all that that entails, for better or worse…or make the profound leap of faith where nothing makes sense and the world you have known is turned upside down…

Suppose the gift of all you have ever been through is ready to fall into your lap. Suppose there was a way for it to all make sense. Suppose that you could step out of what has been and reclaim the power of wonder and imagination to explore and experience this world and this life and this I Am Self in ways that you have long forgotten. Suppose you could simply make the choice to live now as if you were already whole…no more journeys of frustration, no more seeking, no more failures, no more pressure to be someone else, better, more this and more that. None of that…just a deep experience of you in a magical kingdom called Earth.
Yes, suppose you could live now as if you were already whole. What might happen? What might your life be like? What might you be? Well….do you want to find out? Are you ready to act as if you have it? Are you ready to start thinking, believing, moving, being, in a decidedly higher frequency just to see what will unfold? Intrigued? I bet you are…so let’s get more information because it is time for you to make a decision!
This is a practical course that invites you into the unfamiliar, the dormant, and the expansive. Honestly, we have no way of knowing the outcome. Therein, lies the magnificence of the adventure. We are simply setting an intention that we, as a civilization, have been living under the influence of misinformation, regardless of the reason. Beliefs and behaviors have been fabricated to support the misinformation. By lifting the veil and exposing the deeper inner truth to the Light, the hypothesis is that it will begin to reveal itself in an exponential way, thus separating you from the influence of “the way it has always been.”

...The sequence of topics has no particular meaning. It is how they dropped in. I suppose that a bigger picture will develop. In the re-unification with Source that we find ourselves experiencing these days, this course is purposefully organic and will reveal itself as we progress. This trust and faith will shore up the deeper quality that assures you of your expanding personal freedom. It is important to note that what I share is not a personal doctrine you must adhere to to get where you are going. It is higher frequency information designed to trigger your own inner remembering. Thus, this journey is yours alone to take and make what it can become. I shall function as the one who brings the day’s material, the distraction from the “way its been”, the device to open you to the bigger picture. It is you who must lay claim to the path that serves you best.

I know you will be different no matter how many of the sessions you invest in. The difference will be in your personal experience of life’s moments, in the way you understand you, in the manner in which you show up to life. It is a vibrational clearing we are doing. Your personal commitment to you is the vehicle upon which you will ride to as far as you want to go. These are uncharted times. You, in taking this course, shall function as the pioneer. Do it for you…no one else. That is the highest purpose here.

...The course is an evolution of my personal and facilitator/mentoring work with others. It became obvious that this was the next step to separating from the old, worn out programming. We are waking up quickly. As the vibration and frequency are cleared and raised I am witnessing some radical shifts into expanded awareness. This course is an attempt to harness that process with a guided structure that continually feeds itself. Those who are drawn to this will create a specific frequency that will blend with all participants to establish the foundation in the beginning.
If you are ready for something of high caliber that can simply blow the doors off of the way its been and contribute mightily to the collective waking up of us all, then this journey is for you.
It is a privilege and a beautiful adventure to serve the higher vibration of these times. I have learned to trust the Cosmos enough to know that something magical is afoot. The more I live as if, the more fluid life becomes. Join me for an unparalleled journey of discovery as we reawaken together…Mark

Author’s Note to this printed or download edition of the online course: It is February of 2021 and this online course has just completed its initial journey. What was to be a one year sojourn of 24 sessions evolved into an adventure consisting of 20 sessions spanning almost three years. In the spirit of spontaneity many adjustments were made. The sheer volume of material and the actions was simply too much for the adults with ongoing personal lives to maintain a committed flow. Lives got in the way. On my part there was not the amount of time available to stay creating all of the components of the original vision and still travel and make a living. I let go of sections and made them separate components to the eventual printed course you hold right now. Those pieces will be completed over time and made available as they are born. What you hold here is the written journey we took. Each participant had weekly one hour integration sessions as we traversed. That added a unique element to the work. We could personalize and problem solve and intend as we embraced the material. What you are getting here is the information and the actions that put into motion the ideas. It will seem like I am talking to the participants…as I am. It is a personal experience that reflected us all as we progressed. There are 4 volumes to this work. I affirm that you will enjoy them all in your own time…Please note that if you would like to experience the one to one exploration and integration I am available to do so…Mark

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Book One Table of Contents
0 An Overview and Setting the Foundation (Single Session)
1 Reactivating the Aquarian Implants
2 Who Am I?: The Big Picture
3 The Regulation and Amplification of the Personal Energy Grid
4 DNA Immersion and Activation
5 Advanced Manifestation and the Moving Sea of Abundance
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