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Wise Child MP3 Song: Vibration

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Nothing like a little Cosmic Disco to invite an experience and discussion or two about how vibration is everywhere present, yes, even in you and in me. Learning to view the world through the expanded vision that all is in oscillation helps to make sense of the process of change. This song simply underscores the Celestial physics that expands the sensorial experience of living whole.

Dance it out and play it a lot. Then have a dinner table conversation about Quantum Physics followed by a look at our body energetic systems and the chakras. Why not. Sure beats being bored or trash talking on social media outlets...if you know what I mean. And please, do not underestimate the knowledge of these children who just recently arrived from the Cosmic core. Engage it if you want to be blown away while at the same time, learning the latest.

We're in sync with everything...yes, imagine that

Over the world
There is a pure vibration
All is in motion
In an energy sea
All is in motion
Yes, even you and me
       Every plant, every being
       Dancing in rhythmic energy
       Boundaries nowhere to be seen
       We’re in sync with
  ©2000. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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