Musical Prescription CD Set

My music has all been thoughtfully created to serve intentional vibrational frequencies. As all is vibration, it follows that specific vibrations can serve specific purposes. The body is made up of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, and systems all vibrating at certain frequencies that create form, function, and degree of alignment. When energy flow is restricted by the moments of living then vibrational frequencies change, usually diminishing. The restrictions create blockages which can create conditions that demand conscious attention for the purpose of clearing to return to the state of balance.

I write with vibrational intention to create results by resonating with the cells to stimulate them to realign. By choosing song keys that focus on the chakras, I am sending like frequencies to a place that holds the energetic remnants of the blockages. By further aligning rhythm, melody, harmony, and lyric, I provide a powerful medicine to invite and escort the body’s return to wholeness.

Each song is a specific tool that will address an energetic frequency. In a sense, it is an energetic musical prescription created to heal. By gathering like intentioned songs into a collection it creates a powerful resource to assist you in reawakening and changing the forms of your life.

The Musical Prescription Sets are a complete immersion in the theme behind it. Listening to the songs regularly is powerful medicine. Singing along with them is the completion of a circle of intentional healing that will eventually replace systemic thoughts and behavioral patterns that contributed to the condition. Reclaiming health, balance, and center is a conscious choice that requires action. This music is the perfect companion for your reclamation project that will bring you home to You.

Choose from the following Set Themes. Explore the 5 CDs in them by clicking on the CD for information and song samples.

Set 1-Manifestation
Set 3-Change
Set 5-Sound Alchemy
Set 7-Relaxation/Stress Reduction
Set 9-Clearing Through Movement
Set 11-Instrumental Music Journeys
Set 13-Youth Empowerment
Set 15-Youth Program Resources
Set 2-Energetic Healing
Set 4-Conscious Living
Set 6-Relationships
Set 8-Transition
Set 10-Power of Chants and Mantras
Set 12-Extended 12 Step Support
Set 14-Embracing Life's Journey


All sets available also as Downloads. Click to access.

vailable by special request as a Flash Drive Bundle. Contact Mark with request.
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