Circle of Giving and Receiving Circle of Giving and Receiving
Here in March of 2020 so much has changed in such a short time. The world is impacted. Doors are closing and the reliable is anything but. For artists and musicians there are unique elements unfolding. Calendars of bookings are on shaky ground at best. Gigs already booked will be looked at as the days move forward. Uncertainty (calendar wise) is the new norm.

As a performing songwriter, writer, and facilitator/speaker my work involves sharing with people, groups of people, often large groups of people. With lock downs the norm in California my solid calendar has turned into a what if. So be it...there is not much I can do about that until we evolve through this current form to see what reveals itself.

In response I am bumping up online action in social media to increase exposure, but mostly, in these early days, choosing to offer resources as free gifts to assist in the transition from what was to what is becoming. My intent is that giving free musical and informational resources out will grow my contacts and drive some new interest to the many tools I offer. And it will show great faith to the spirit of expansion and human connection and growing Oneness that I believe is the bigger picture of this form we find our world undergoing. We help one another with insights and perspectives and tools and music and ideas and ways to navigate the forms of the now. It is what we do...give to life.

I have been writing and recording now that I am not pulled by preparation for travel. Many things I have had on the list are being moved forward and growing towards fruition and availability. It is exciting to say the least.

And, at the same time, the money stream to support the personal obligations to run the studio and put the gas in the car and buy the food and create the new CDs and books has been interrupted. I am confident that my efforts will deliver new interest and income flow.

If you have been moved, inspired, healed, had your heart opened, or were reminded of the magnificent truth of your being through the music, books, classes, workshops, mentorings, or events I have created, then here is an opportunity to give back.

Your gifts will go a long way in helping me to manifest the vibrational support to best complement the inner and outer changes of these times and this planet. In advance, I am so grateful for your monetary gifts as they buy me the moments to make that which will serve you on deep levels in the days to come. Endless blessings upon you...”
So, I  have developed a variety of ways that you can gift in appreciation of his music. They are at a number of levels that suit your own unique situation. In addition, each gift will bring you a gift as well. The flow is vital to affirming the benevolent Universe and the application of Universal Law on our day to day human level. Please consider one of the following options...and then click the link to put your gift into motion. 
In deep gratitude, I send blessings...
Mark Stanton Welch

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Appreciation Gift

$20 5 Songs of your Choice Downloads

Gratitude Plus
$35 10 Songs of your Choice Downloads
1 Complementary CD
2  Complementary CDs
2 Complementary CDs and an E-Book
4 Complementary CDs and 2 E-Books
5 Complementary CDs, 2 E-Books and
50% discount at all Mark Stanton Welch events 

Life Member
10 Complementary CDs, 3 E-Books,
and free admission to all events for life

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