Sound Healing Sessions
All is that can be influenced by thought, intention, and other energy. As a result of our choices through our moments of living from the point of birth we have been effected by energy. The body is designed to resonate at a specific frequency of health that is an individual identity for each human being. Holding on to emotion, thoughts, leaving words unexpressed, or refraining from taking action we know to be necessary, all serve to slow down the rate of our vibration.  If ignored, these slowings begin to manifest in our physical as disturbances, conditions, and, eventually, dis-ease.
It would follow that one must be aware and attend to these energies by expressing the emotions and thoughts and take action when needed. If done so, the body remains in a state of health. But when the repressed energies have resided in the auric fields and energy bodies for years and decades, it is a challenge to address them sufficiently on one’s own. In this case, the talents and insight of a Sound Healer would be highly effective.
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