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Sound Alchemy Resources: Free Root Chakra Conference Call

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For over two years I offered free Chakra Clearing Calls once a month. We would cycle through the in-body chakras, addressing each with information, sound, chant, word, and intentional song. Here is a complete one hour call addressing the Root Chakra so that you can get a sense of what the calls were about and just how powerful they were...

Here is a sample of the accompanying information that goes with each call

Chant: Wani Wachialo
 Wani wachialo wani wachialo Wakankatanka  Wakankatanka              
I stand here balanced between Grandmother Earth and Grandfather Sky

Affirmation: “I now fully allow the support of the Earth sustain, empower, and nurture my foundation in all my moments. And so it is.”

Chant: Earth Star, by Mark Stanton Welch © 2012 Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved                     
Calling on the Earth Star  Activate the Earth Star                     
Send me the power of the Earth through my left for foundation                     
Cleanse me and clear me and send it through my right foot out                     
Constantly flowing to keep me in balance in center Solid on the Earth  Solid on the Earth

Tone: C  Uh phonetic
Song: Roots, by Mark Stanton Welch © 2011 Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved
Solid on the Earth my roots go down 3x                        
Down into the Earth my roots go down                       
Grounded, balanced, feel my self upon the Earth                        
Fully in the moment, feel it as the energy tingles my feet                        
Rising up to the heart of me                                       
© 2001 Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.

Chant: Atlantean Chant  Ah Le Oh Oo Faa Ro(Balances meridians and calls forth Nature Spirits)

Mantra:  Hung Vajra Peh  (Tibetan protection mantra)

Affirmation: “I am, in all my energy bodies and, in all dimensions, safe, protected, abundant,                   
peaceful, and cared for. And so it is.”

Song: Preparing the Soil         
Preparing the soil tilling it clearing it out         
All the rocks and the weeds of my life         
Here in this moment finally letting it go, let go, let go                                       
© 1998 Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.

Chant: Calling           
Calling in the Spirits of the Earth, give me strength give me energy           
Calling in the Spirit of the Ancestors, give me knowledge clear the way           
Calling in the angel guardians, watch my back keep me safe           
Calling in the Master Teachers, bring me wisdom show the way
I Am ready, I Am ready, I Am ready                                       
© 2005 Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.

I gently and lovingly ask my soul to integrate with my physical body, my DNA and all           
aspects of my Being so I may fulfill my journey in this life experience.So I may experience,           
grow, and evolve as one in peace, harmony, and joy. And so it is.   
Rich Work, The Veils of Illusion
From the Divine love that flows within my Being, I proclaim my desire to live in my physical body so I may experience and fulfill my journey in peace and joy upon this Earth. I see those energies within me that are connected to creation flowing through my Being,           reconnecting me with the Earth in Divine Perfection. And so it is.                                   
Rich Work, Proclamations of the Soul

Chant: Adi Shakti, by Snatam Kaur           
Adi Shakti adi shakti adi shakti namo namo           
Sarab Shakti sarab shakti sarab shakti namo namo           
Pritham bhagvati Pritham bhagvati Pritham bhagvati namo namo           
Kundalini maha shakti maha shakti namo namo           
Namo Namo, Namo namo, Namo Namo, namo namo           
First force of all creation, to you I bow, Divine Force Everywhere, to you I bow           
Creative Force Primal Force, to You I bow, Rising up Divine Mother, to You I bow

Cleanse Chakras 1-4           Uh, oo, oh, ah
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